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Nidderdale Young Farmers: update from Heather McArdle: “On September 11 we held a Stock Judging event at John Walton’s, Glasshouses. Members had to judge both breeding sheep and dairy cattle, with results as follows: Breeding Sheep (seniors): 1) Anna Prince 2) Ruth Staveley; Breeding Sheep (juniors): 1) Jack Heaton 2) Jack Shepherd, Stephanie Graham 3) Katie-Anne Challis 4) Hollie Durham. Dairy (seniors): 1) Anna Prince 2) Ruth Staveley. Dairy (juniors): 1) Jack Heaton 2) Eddie Snow 3) Jack Shepherd, Callum Brown 4) Amy Brown. Members would like to thank John Walton, Daniel Walton and David Bradley for hosting the event, the judges Derek Harker and Daniel Walton, and also not forgetting Sam Bradley for providing the lovely supper. On September 15 the Nidderdale Agricultural Society held a Stock Judging competition at Scarah Bank Farm, Ripley, by kind permission of Alison & Andrew Walmsley. Members had to judge the Dairy Cattle and Breeding Sheep classes, with results as follows: 1) Lucy Staveley (also presented with the Fiddlers Green Rose Bowl for being the Nidderdale Young Farmer who gained most points in Dairy Judging).1) Evie Church (also presented with the John Dawson Perpetual Trophy being the Nidderdale YFC who gained most points in the Sheep Stock Judging and who also was presented with the Iveson Cup (awarded to the Young Farmer who gained most points in all the Stock Judging classes). On behalf of Nidderdale YFC, members would like to thank Andrew and Alison Walmsley for hosting the event, Nidderdale Agricultural Society for the lovely food provided, the judges Ian Close, Richard Brown, Bill Walmsley and Bill Houseman and also the stewards - John Fort (President) and Derek Harker (Chairman of Nidderdale Agricultural Society) for coming along and presenting the trophies. On September 23, members entered Young Farmers classes at the Nidderdale Agricultural Show, results as follows: Beef-type Heifer (born on or after January 1, 2012): 1)Martin Prince; Beef-type Steer or Heifer (born on or after January 1, 2012): 3) Martin Prince; Victoria sandwich cake: 2) Edward Snow 3) Kayleigh McArdle; Farmyard in a box: 1) Mary Staveley 2) Kayleigh McArdle 3) Edward Snow; YFC button hole: 1) Mary Steveley 2) Edward Snow 3) Steven McArdle; Decorated cake using butter icing: 2) Edward Snow; Can rack: 1) Edward Snow 2) Martin Prince. The YFC cup for most points gained by a junior member of Nidderdale YFC in the Domestic Classes 419 - 421 was presented to Edward Snow.The Rosemary Dawson cup for most points gained by a senior member (17years and over) of the Nidderdale YFC in the Domestic Classes 422-424 was presented to Martin Prince. On Wednesday, September 25, members had a Bake Off competition, when members not only had to bake their buns, but had to ice them too. A fun evening was had by all. Members would like to thank Emma Smith and Audrey Summersgill for giving up their time to judge the buns. The results were as follows: 1) Callum Brown & Olivia Shepherd 2) Steven McArdle & Maria Brown, Kayleigh McArdle & Jack Shepherd, Anna Prince & Ruth Staveley 3) Edward Snow & Charlie Toase 4) Mary Staveley, Hollie Durham & Katie-Ann Challis. On Wednesday, October 2, members met for a car Treasure Hunt, which involved collecting information/items and drawing things as they went round. I believe it was a bit of a spooky evening for some! It is surprising who pops up when you are least expecting them! Results as follows: 1) Martin Prince, Ellie Cook, Caroline & Christopher Prince 2) Kayleigh McArdle, Steven McArdle, Ryan Verity, Heather McArdle 3) Callum Brown, Maria Brown, Jack Heaton, Sally Verity and Michael Brown 4) Katie-Ann Challis, Emili, Mary Staveley and Anna Prince 5) Eddie Snow, Jack Shepherd, Domanic & Ruth Staveley. On Wednesday, October 9, members met for an evening of Public Speaking practice. You may think that this would be boring, but not in our club, all members took part and it was a good laugh!” Many thanks go to Heather McArdle for her report.

Lofthouse School Quiz Night: will take place on Saturday, November 2 at the Crown Hotel, Lofthouse at 9pm. There will be set teams of four, cost £2 per person, with the winning team having the chance to scoop a £20 prize, plus £5 for the winner of the bonus question. The school fund-raiser also includes a raffle and welcomes everyone to join in.

Bags2School: time again! Diane Graham informs us that Lofthouse School’s next collection will take place at 9am on Thursday, November 7. Bags can be left in the bus shelter in the staff car park from Monday, November 4, onwards. The last collection raised nearly £300, so please support the school by placing your unwanted clothing, bedding, curtaining, handbags, belts, shoes and soft toys in the blue bag provided, or alternatively, in a black one. Thank you.

Lofthouse Village Hall: Open Day reminder, to be held on Saturday, October 26 (not October 28 as previously stated) from 2-4pm. The event is being held so that people can go have a look at the hall’s recent improvements to both the kitchen and toilet areas.

Upper Nidderdale WI: members were enthralled last week by Catherine Shield’s talk entitled from Liverpool to Bouthwaite. Mrs Shield talked at great length about her life in Liverpool, experienced in a very different multi-cultural community far removed from the one at Bouthwaite! She reminisced about her tough childhood playing on the bombsites in Liverpool, how the city suffered from the threat of 500 German bombers each night and how the Fever Van took children away to isolation hospitals as Diptheria and TB became rife. However, Mrs Shields had turned her life around by initially studying in France, then entered into an academic lifestyle to eventually become the head of counselling at the Open University. This month’s competition, a French Connection, was won by Christine Harker. The ladies are all looking forward to the group’s 85th anniversary celebration at Hebden tearooms and to many other events, such as the Four Seasons, Two Cooks Christmas Special, Festive Food & Flowers at Skipton Town Hall, a Christmas Dabble Day (cooking, sugarcraft, wreath making and decorations) and the opportunity to attend various workshops on mosaics, embroidery and hedgerow wreaths.

Upper Nidderdale Parish Council: wish to inform parishioners of the following: “Rural Services Network represent rural areas and their communities and provide them with a strong rural voice. They are keen to find out your views about public services in your local area and whether they have been improving over the last five years. The network would be grateful if you could complete the short survey from the following website www.surveymonkey.com/s/7YRKF9R , which should take no more than five minutes to complete. The closing date for the survey is October 31 and the results will be available on their website shortly after that deadline.”