Two new pitches for future Scotton teams

Scotton Scorchers Girls team
Scotton Scorchers Girls team

A junior football club is aiming to transform a former household waste site into two new football pitches.

Scotton Scorchers JFC have submitted an application to deposit 24,000 tonnes of soil and level the land for the pitches at the site of Lingerfield Tip on Low Moor Lane, a project that will cost an estimated £128,000 overall.

This will create a new space for the team and its 150 players, made up of boys U6 to U11 and girls U6 to U16, and will be open for the public to use.

Scotton Scorchers JFC secretary Mike Collier said: “We have something that was a dug up gravel pit and filled with household rubbish that could be turned into something that will be used for years and years by generations to come.

“While the village is obviously our audience for the project the teams that we play in the village league will also see the benefit of us having this new space when they come to play here.

“We do have a lease on the pitches and the team will have first use but we are not putting up fences. Anyone will be able to come down and make use of it.

“With all the work that has gone into this so far the team have to give thanks to all our volunteers who we rely on and to the support shown to us by Sports England and the Football Foundation.”

Sports England and the Football Foundation donated £75,00 towards the club’s project in 2015, while the club itself has so far managed to raise an additional £30,000 itself through several fundraising events.

The team currently has one full sized pitch in use, at Percy Fields, that is often divided up into three mini pitches.

However the club is growing and has had to use different and extra space every week to meet this demand.

Outside of the cricket season Scotton Cricket Club generously donated the use of their pitch for the team to use, however a lack of facilities, parking and markings were found to be a drawback for the team.

Problems were also found with using the sloped village hall fields which were believed to pose a risk of injury and prevented players from having the same opportunity to develop their skills than if they played on a pitch. Sadly as a result the team have been facing match cancellations since the start of the 2014/2015 season.

However thanks to the efforts of the club, its volunteers and charitable support the prospect of these new pitches is on the horizon.

Scotton Scorchers Chairman, Peter Broomhead said: “The Club’s volunteers managed to raise £4,000 to £5,000 last year alone and its thanks to their efforts, those of committee members and others who gave up their time freely for this efforts.

“This has all come together so far because people want to be able to see the club develop further.

“We are all extremely passionate about developing the team in the community and to do this for the kids by providing the opportunity for them in a safe environment where they are well supported.”

Mr Broomhead highlighted the work of Keith Large whose fund raising efforts have helped support the club throughout this period. Alongside him the Friends of Percy Field and Scotton Parish Council supported the club through the planning process and are working towards developing a green area between the two pitches.