Trusted news day: Residents back 'Advertiser's fight against fake news

Jo Conway and John Collingsworth.
Jo Conway and John Collingsworth.

We asked some residents for a view of the vital role our trusted news service plays in keeping the region strong, safe, and vibrant.

Last week, we launched a campaign Fighting Fake News and highlighted the very real dangers of fabricated stories peddled across social media.

Fighting Fake News

Fighting Fake News

We highlighted the exemplary standards of training we invest in and the robust codes of conduct we are committed to, to provide news that is wholly trusted.

It is a campaign that is being supported by local papers across the UK.

This week, residents said our quality journalism was essential in holding those in authority to account and keeping them fully informed of local decisions and information.

Harrogate resident, Jo Conway, Inventor of Adaptaboard, said: “You actually take on board the concerns of Harrogate people.

“You are our trusted source of information; we rely on our local newspaper to be truthful.

“It’s more of a people’s voice because featured in the Harrogate Advertiser are letters from local residents. You are asking people to write in and contribute their suggestions and ideas.

“Hopefully some of this seeps through to people in authority. The people speak!”

Another Harrogate resident said the Internet had ‘a lot to answer for’ as he explained how it has helped to fuel the fire of fake news.

John Collingsworth, retired business owner, said: “It’s very important, there’s no question about that, the problem is the cost of all newspapers are going up well in front of inflation and the tendency then is to look on the Internet. Whatever you do you have got to be competitive.”

When asked how he seeks information from a trusted news source on local issues, John said: “What I would probably do is go on the Internet and look on the Harrogate Advertiser website.

“My daughter does it all on the Internet, I like to sit with my breakfast and read my newspaper but I’m an older generation.

"Younger people now just believe what they are told and this is a big problem, the Internet has got a lot to answer for and I think it will change the whole way we do things in life.

“You can think of so many businesses that have disappeared or are disappearing because of the Internet.

“Local newspapers though are still very important, there’s no question about that. If there’s a controversial or contentious issue in your town like a planning application on your street, that’s where you are going to find all the information about it.”

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The Harrogate Advertiser along with local titles across the UK will hold an interactive #TrustedNewsDay on Friday as part of our campaign to Fight Fake News
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