Why was this back road in Harrogate re-surfaced once again?

Resident were left frustrated after repairs were again carried out on a backroad in central Harrogate.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 2:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 2:13 pm
Workers carrying out repairs on the back road, located just off Studley Road
Workers carrying out repairs on the back road, located just off Studley Road

North Yorkshire County Council workers began work on Monday to a back road just off Studley Road, leaving residents who have been calling for repairs to be made to other nearby roads asking ‘why here?’

A £9.85 million package of repairs is being spent on the district’s roads by NYCC, with jetpatching repairs to fill pot holes on a number of roads also beginning this week.

However Studley Road resident Jonathon Daniel contacted the Advertiser unhappy that work was again taking place on the back road, it was re-surfaced for a second time in two years in November 2017.

He pointed to the condition of other routes like Alexandra Road, saying he was concerned over the appearance it currently gives to visitors and the difficulty caused to both drivers and cyclists.He said: “Why are resources being spent on something like this? For myself and others we have concerns over the condition of Alexandra Road. There are a lot of guest houses here, visitors are coming and saying that while the area is lovely the roads are atrocious.”

NYCC in response said that previous work on the road was found to be defective, and while minor repairs for Alexander Road were scheduled, resurfacing was not being considered.

A spokesperson said: “The defective surface was highlighted by an engineer at a post-work quality inspection and the repair work is being completed by the contractors, at their expense.”

Harrogate Borough Council Leader and ward councillor Richard Cooper, said he had contacted NYCC over the possibility of resurfacing Alexandra Road, by adding it to repairs scheduled across the district.He said: “We all want things done right first time. Sometimes, either by human error or for other reasons things don’t always happen that way. The main issue for me here is that Alexandra Road clearly needs completely resurfacing irrespective of whether this back road needs attention or not. “The road is so badly rutted and has been for so long that it is difficult to see how patching on this crumbling road surface is going to be effective.”