Transport hub plan after new bus success

RESIDENTS of Nidderdale are being asked to help develop a community-led transport system for Pateley Bridge.

Following a grant of £1.1m from the Department of Transport, the Dales Integrated Transport Alliance (DITA) has published details encouraging the community to apply to develop transport links and routes in the area.

As one of the eight proposed transport hubs, people in Pateley Bridge are is to the scheme and DITA are urging them to get involved in the project.

Helen Flynn, chairman of DITA, said: “We have finalised the bidding process where local communities based at or near DITA hubs - who can demonstrate commitment to finding new and sustainable transport solutions for their area - can apply for funding.

“We do urge communities to approach us to discuss how they can best develop their transport ideas in order to bid for funds.”

The planned scheme will see each of the eight proposed transport hubs fitted with new IT facilities in order to provide users with up-to-date and comprehensive travel information, and encourage increased use of the services by the community.

Ms Flynn said: “The money DITA has is not only to be invested in infrastructure and IT at the hubs, but also for development of new services where residents can demonstrate there is a need.”

DITA is asking residents to get involved and offer their feedback on existing public transport and suggest any improvements and new services that they want to see introduced.

Kate Sewell, project leader for DITA, said: “As this is a community-led group, it is imperative that we hear the views of local residents as we want to work in partnership with residents to achieve improvement to their services.”

A pilot scheme is already operating in Nidderdale with DITA working alongside local operators to develop the area’s transport system, and any residents or organisations wishing to get involved can email or call 0113 3481749.