Speeding worries after two cats killed by cars

kna  Stockdale Walk, Knaresborough.  (130909M2)
kna Stockdale Walk, Knaresborough. (130909M2)

A Knaresborough resident has spoken out against speeding cars in the town after two of her pet cats were killed on local roads in the last two months.

Lyndsey Gibson, 28, who lives on Stockdale Close with her family says that she regularly sees cars speeding along Stockdale Walk and Windsor Lane and has complained to the council about the issue.

“My parents have lived here for 30 years and have always had cats but nothing like this has happened until the last two months when two of our cats have been killed.

“I know some people will just think, ‘They are only cats’, but that isn’t the point.

“They are our family pets and I wonder if there were speed bumps on that road, like there are on many of the streets nearby would our cats still be alive.

“To have lost two in such a small time means it is more than just bad luck.”

Miss Gibson said her concerns about the speed stretch beyond the safety of her remaining pet cats.

“I have a nephew who lives over the road and there are a lot of elderly people living nearby.

“King James’s is close by and children often walk on the street to get to the play park.

“What if it’s a child that gets hit next?”

Miss Gibson lives in a cul-di-sac just off Stockdale Walk and said she has noticed an increase in the number of cars speeding in recent months.

She said: “It is worst on an evening, you see cars driving past, going like the clappers before they have to turn onto another road with speed bumps where there will have to drive slower.”

The driver who had hit the first cat, Pudsey, had taken it to the vet although the pet still died.

However the second driver left Maisy the cat on the side of the road after hitting her.

“It’s horrible to think that someone just left her there, dying on the side of the road and didn’t even bother to try and take it to the vet to be looked at,” she said.

“One of our neighbours came to get us to say a cat that looked like one of ours was just dead on the side of the road there.”

She added: “It needs to be looked at to prevent other pets, or worse still, a child being killed by a speeding car on this road.”

Miss Gibson said she now worries each morning that it will be the last time she will see her pet cats.

North Yorkshire County Council’s 95 Alive team have confirmed that they are looking into the issues onStockdlae Walk and Windsor Lane under the Speed Management Protocol.