Row over night time roadworks

Roadworks taking place at 10pm near homes in Calcutt (S)
Roadworks taking place at 10pm near homes in Calcutt (S)

Knaresborough residents are enduring a nightly “Dante’s Inferno” as noisy resurfacing works outside their homes go on until midnight.

Heavy machinery including a jackhammer, lorries, a tarmacadam machine, and dumper trucks is at work in Calcutt and around the junction with Forest Hill Road.

But residents are suffering as the works go on late into the night, and one nearby householder has described it as looking and sounding “like a scene out of Dante’s Inferno.”

Andy Pyett lives just off the Calcutt road but has been disturbed night after night by the noise from the works, he said.

He said he is baffled by North Yorkshire County Council’s decision to work in a residential area at night when other roadworks have gone on at the site through the day, using temporary traffic lights.

He said: “This is a lot more than a minor inconvenience. I feel sorry for some of the old ladies who live on the street. And there’s a family opposite with four young children.”

The machines work close to some front doors, he added.

A spokesman for the county council responded to the complaints, saying that “substanstial” resurfacing works were needed, and they could not take place while the road was open.

A council statement said: “The optimum time to work to minimise disruption to traffic, businesses and residents was to close the road between 7pm and midnight. All residents and businesses were notified of the works and road closure in January.

“The county council is making every effort to minimise disruption and to ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible.”