Results revealed in Harrogate Advertiser Sustainable Transport Survey

The results of our two-week Harrogate Advertiser Sustainable Transport survey are in - and they paint a picture of a town very much united in its ideal yet very conflicted on how to get there.

Friday, 19th March 2021, 11:49 am

The idea for launching the survey was to gauge the public feeling among residents regarding the future ‘green-proofing’ of our town.

Having followed the debate from the very start, it was the perfect opportunity for us to see whether opinions had changed from the initial call for climate change action back in 2019.

The results of our two-week survey on sustainable travel options in Harrogate are now in and have been revealed in this week's paper.

A vast majority who took part in the North Yorkshire County Council Harrogate Congestion Study Public Engagement said they wanted to see green solutions to our traffic conundrum.

At first glance, the results of our survey back that up. Of the almost 700 people who took part in our survey, 64% agreed that major changes were needed in Harrogate’s layout and transport system to cut carbon emissions.

Further evidence of the town’s desire to turn green came with 60.9% of people saying they would be willing to walk or cycle more if the infrastructure was better.

The evidence continues... 62.8% would use public transport if services were improved, 60% think greater priority should be given to public transport, cycling and walking, 59.9% believe more shopping streets should be pedestrianised.

It would seem a concensus is forming, right?

Think again.

While there is a definite desire for us to implement these changes to challenge climate change, the nitty gritty of exactly which changes should be introduced is where the whole debate grounds to a halt.

The full results of the survey, including reaction from leader of Harrogate Borough Council, Coun Richard Cooper, and Executive Member for Access at North Yorkshire County Council, Coun Don Mackenzie, have been published in this week's edition of the Harrogate Advertiser.

A random smattering of the opinions given to us by respondents is also included on Pages 8 and 9 and proves the deep divide in not whether action should be taken, but how, and where, and by whom.

Yes, we want change, but just how that is delivered is now the big challenge.

To read the full report, pick up a copy of the Harrogate Advertiser, on the shelves now.