'Lucky to get out unhurt' car catches fire after coming off road in Harrogate

The car caught fire after it came off the road

The occupants of a car were ‘lucky to escape unhurt’ after it came off the road and caught fire in Harrogate.

North Yorkshire Police and a Harrogate fire crew were called out on Monday (January 22) at 10.24pm after a blue Ford Ka came to a stop in a field near the Sun Inn on Brame Lane. A male driver and passenger escaped without injury.

Both men escaped unharmed

While it’s unclear how the car came off the road Fiona Walkinshaw, Washburn Parish Councillor and Sun Inn Landlady, says at least four accidents have occurred on the road previously.

She said: “There is a grate on the road that I have actually approached the county council about before. People slide when they are driving over it, as it catches their back wheels. It was lucky those in the car got out unhurt.”

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