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The New Year brought an increase in rail fares on the route between Leeds and York via Harrogate.

In line with national increases, Northern Rail fares have risen by an average of 2.8 per cent.

A peak return ticket between Harrogate and Leeds now costs £9.30, up from £9.

The same fare between Harrogate and York has risen from £9.60 to £9.90.

A spokesperson for Northern Rail said: “From January 2, our fares will rise by an average of 2.8 per cent.

“This is the equivalent of around 10-20p per single journey and will go towards meeting the costs of providing our services and funding further improvements for our customers.

“Money raised through fares goes on to invest in improvements to stations, trains and services.

“This includes electrification of routes across the north of England which will mean newer trains and faster journey times.”

A weekly season ticket between Harrogate and Leeds now costs £38.40, up from £37.20 in 2013.

The cost of a weekly season ticket between Harrogate and York is £39.60, a rise from £38.40.

The Spokesperson added: “We will continue to work with the Government and the wider rail industry to drive down the cost of running the railway to provide better long-term value for money for passengers and taxpayers.”

Northern describes its network as a ‘walk up and go railway’, with a high proportion of regulated fares.

The prices of some advance fares across the Northern network have been frozen.

Fares valid from now are available on the National Rail Enquiries and Northern Rail websites www.nationalrail.co.uk and www.northernrail.org

The possible electrification of Harrogate’s railway line will be considered by a government taskforce this year.

The group, set up to examine how to accelerate rail electrification across the north, is made up of experts, MPs and councils.

Electrification of the York - Harrogate - Leeds line will be considered alongside other projects including electrification between Leeds and Sheffield and Selby and Hull.

Train companies have broken down how each pound of income is spent:

Investment in the rail network 26p, industry staff costs 25p; maintaining track and trains 22p; leasing trains 11p; interest payments and other costs 9p; fuel for trains 4p; company profits 3p.

Do you use the line? Have your say on the fare increases and electrification plan.

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