Anger at ‘ludicrous’ midnight roadworks

One of the signs on Cold Bath Road where roadworks are being carried out at night.  (120905M2e)
One of the signs on Cold Bath Road where roadworks are being carried out at night. (120905M2e)

Furious residents say they are “flabbergasted” at a move to resurface roads for the second time in six months, with work carrying on until midnight.

Parts of Harrogate, from Cold Bath Road to York Place and King’s Road, are being resurfaced for the second time this year, after materials used last winter were found to be “sub-standard”.

But much of the work is being carried out late into the night, in a move slammed as “ludicrous” by sleep-deprived residents.

“It’s absolutely potty,” said David Straker, owner of William and Victoria’s Restaurant.

“We’re seeing a repetition of all the problems we had in January. People are, as anybody would be, reluctant to walk up Cold Bath Road when there’s dust and noise and works going on. I’m furious.”

Pete Schofield, owner of Leng’s grocers, said it was ridiculous to do it all again.

“I’m not at all happy,” he said. “They are carrying on until midnight.

“It’s ludicrous - this is twice in less than a year.”

The work is being carried out at the expense of North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) contractor, Aggregate Industries, which admits its work last winter wasn’t up to its “usual high standards” and must be done again.

Coun Gareth Dadd, executive member for highways, apologised for any inconvenience caused by the roadworks, saying the council was working to minimise disruption.

“However, it is crucial these roads are restored to our expected standard of resurfacing,” he said.

Residents living near to streets where work is being carried out have said they are kept awake at night, with some businesses adding that their customers are turning away.

“They might want to relocate the ridiculous 20ft long pile of asphalt from outside my shop,” said Mr Schofield.

“I’ve now got two of my display racks covered in tarmacadam - they said I shouldn’t have put them out front but I can hardly move the whole building back.

“It’s crackers.”

Jo Straker, of William and Victoria’s restaurant, said: “Why didn’t they do it right the first time? How many years have they been doing roads?

“Surely they should be getting it right by now.”

Diane Fowler, manager at sheltered housing company the Adelphi, said the group had received plenty of notice about the works, having been sent a letter.

“They’ve given us plenty of time,” she said. “Some residents have said they can’t get to sleep, but we knew in ample time and we can’t complain.”

The six weeks of remedial works started on August 20, in Knaresborough. Work has been completed on Wetherby Road, Cold Bath Road and York Place.

From September 7 to 10, work is to be carried out on Victoria Avenue. Then, from September 10 to 17, it will focus on Kings Road, before contractors move to Knaresborough Road from September 18 to 27.