Training for Nidderdale farmers

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The Nidderdale branch of the Yorkshire Dales Farmer Network has been busy helping members get through their sprayer training.

This follows the announcement that grandfather rights are to be removed and will ensure members are compliant.

The courses have been full but there is still a demand for them, so there will be another round of courses by the network soon.

If you are interested in training and testing for compulsory PA1 (Safe Use of Pesticides) and/or PA2 (Pesticide Application - Ground crop spraying mounted and trailed) and/or PA6 (Pesticide training for Handheld Applicators) please contact Sarah to be included in the next round of training.

Network members under the age of 40 will be eligible for a £200 training voucher off the cost of the courses. If you are interested in joining the Network or for more information please contact Sarah Longster (07761 324135). Being a member of the Network will also enable you to have access to discounted fallen stock rates, fuel buying group, discounts on items with Carrs Billington, meetings and advice.

There will be a meeting on the implications of the sustainable use directive on your farm on Monday February 17 at The Crown Lofthouse, 7pm start courtesy of Nidderdale AONB.

Speaker Alison Kitchen of the Voluntary Initiative will cover the future implications facing farmers using pesticides.

This meeting is open to anyone interested, so if you would like to attend please contact Sarah Longster or Nidderdale AONB on 01423 712950.