Teenagers who carried injured elderly woman to safety praised on Facebook

The Harrogate community has heaped praise on two kind-hearted teenagers who tended to an elderly woman after falling outside the Everyman cinema.

Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:49 am
Everyman cinema in Harrogate

A post on Facebook recounted how the two teenage boys quickly helped pick up the elderly woman before one of them carried her back to the bus stop.

The post, which received hundreds of likes, went on to praise the boys' "quick thinking" following the incident at around 2pm on Saturday, February 2.

The author of the post, who did not wish to be named, said she met the 86-year-old woman after she was admitted to hospital.

She said that the elderly woman was being well cared for and would make a full recovery but stressed the actions of the two teenagers "made all the difference".

In her Facebook post, she said: "You were so very kind and her injuries were worse than she thought so your quick thinking made all the difference.

"If anyone knows the two young men in question, can they be told that she's okay and she thinks you are marvellous.

"She just wanted to say thank you and that the help given by complete strangers meant so much to her.

"Restored her faith in the community. Whoever you are... your parents should be very proud of you."

The author of the post, a former nurse herself, explained that she had been in hospital herself when the "frightened and vulnerable" 86-year-old was brought in.

Despite the elderly woman's fears about her injuries and the after care, she said that she took comfort from the kind-hearted actions of the two boys.

She said: "The elderly woman was overwhelmed by the act of kindness from these complete strangers when she expected nothing.

"I was in the bed opposite this woman and she was very frightened. Her head was in a good shape but she was very frightened and very vulnerable.

"When you live in a community where you don't know anyone, you start to contemplate the long night ahead in hospital and what might happen when you get out.

"But then she was thinking back to the two young men which raised her spirits. I just thought how lovely that she got to see the best in people and in human nature."

The former nurse's Facebook post now has more than 200 likes with many comments from Harrogate residents praising the actions of the two young men.

She said she made the decision to post the uplifting tale online after becoming frustrated with the amount of negative stories in the news and on social media sites.

"I sometimes go online and read a lot of people whinging and whining," she explained.

"But I just thought it would be nice to share this story where people have done their best for somebody.

"We all hear these stories where people walk past other people on the street. But these young boys proved that you just need to take a look around you.

"It's that little touch of human kindness, to hold this woman's hand and pick her up. That moment cost those young lads nothing, apart from maybe a bit of their time, and it meant the world to that woman."