Human ashes, £15,000 in a bag and a false leg, are among weird items left on Harrogate’s buses

The number 36 bus that goes from Harrogate to Ripon
The number 36 bus that goes from Harrogate to Ripon

A plastic bag containing £15,000 in cash, a false leg in a bag and cremated human remains are among the unusual items found on public transport in Harrogate.

An electric hedge trimmer was also discovered on a bus, as was a pair of false teeth.

All of the items were reported or handed in to the lost property departments at Transdev, which runs buses in the area.

The large sum of cash, which was in an Asda bag, was left behind by a woman, who collected it the next day after it was handed in by a bus driver.

The false leg in a bag and the urn containing human ashes were also claimed the following day.

Patrick Green, customer services manager, at Harrogate Bus Station, said: “We have seen a number of interesting items left on Transdev buses over the years.

“They also include a fake Omega watch, a guitar, saxophone, flute, a hearing aid, a blonde wig and a snooker cue.”

Mr Green and customer service assistant Albert Gibson, who has manned the desk at Harrogate Bus Station for 47 years, are the first port of call for passengers who have misplaced an item.

The latest was a lady who was reunited with her favourite shoes in Harrogate when she left them on the number 36 after getting off in Moortown.

“You are never surprised what you get in lost property,” said Mr Green.

“But no matter how big or small the item is we always endeavour to return them to their rightful owner.”

What’s the most unusual item you have ever left or found on public transport? And what would you do if you found £15,000 in a plastic bag?