Frustration continues to build over Harrogate-Pateley Bridge bus service

Concerns are growing in Hampswaite over the changes to the no.24 bus service
Concerns are growing in Hampswaite over the changes to the no.24 bus service

Frustration continues to build across the no 24 bus route as changes to the Transdev timetable could result in a reduced service for Hampsthwaite.

Last week an emergency meeting was held in Pateley Bridge over the news of the service between Harrogate and Pateley Bridge, the disappointment has continued to ring out as the Parish Council in Hampsthwaite voice their own concerns over access to public transport in the area.

Speaking to the Advertiser Coun John Carney raised concerns over the difficulties commuters and visitors to the area could face, along with problems caused to residents unable to drive, once changes go-ahead after the last weekend of September.

He said: "It will make getting to work or travelling to Pateley Bridge much harder for people here, while traders in the area will also be losing out as people visiting the area will find this difficult too.

"While I do not personally use the bus service myself if you do want to go to town for some food and drink there is very rarely a service that runs long enough for you to get back.

He added: "When I saw the email I just thought how typical, it's another cut and when the government are trying to make people leave their cars behind. We need things to be more joined up and have a service that can deliver what we need.

"People who go to Pateley Bridge to visit and walk in the surrounding area who cannot use the service anymore will now have to take their cars and will be clogging up the roads.

"It's frustrating knowing that people will be effected by the changes in this way."

Currently the Harrogate Bus Company operates morning services at 7 am and 7.40 am from Pateley Bridge, these will no longer continue and instead be replaced with a 7.20 am service. The final bus in the evening from Harrogate departs at 6.35pm, this will now be drawn back to 5.30pm.

On Sundays the bus travels between Harrogate and Pateley Bridge every two hours, this however will no longer continue as the buses will only run from the last Sunday in April to the Sunday after the late Summer bank holiday.

A spokesperson for Harrogate Bus Company (HBC), a subsidiary of Transdev, said: "We are not turning our backs on the 24, in fact it is the opposite. We have said to residents that if we see that people use the bus more we will reinstate the times.

They added: "We want to help as many people as possible to use the bus, but at the same time we have to be sensible. We are a business and have to ensure the numbers of people we get on that bus allows it to be able to be sustainable or we cannot invest in our vehicles across the network.

HBC went onto say the route will however be serviced by newly refurbished buses, with free Wi-Fi and USB charging devices on board.