Covering costs of Residential parking in Harrogate

NYCC believe thecosts of residential parking zones are not currently being covered with the current prices
NYCC believe thecosts of residential parking zones are not currently being covered with the current prices

A potential price rise to cover the costs of residential parking permits could also pay for further improvements across Harrogate according to committee members.

Members of the County Area Committee made the suggestions at their most recent meeting, Thursday, August 31, after being told a report on residential parking costs across North Yorkshire (NYCC) would be published in October.

NYCC believe the costs of running the schemes are not currently being covered with the current prices for a permit, if this is found the report will also include recommendations on how these could change. It was suggested that if an increase went ahead it could help address parking concerns within the existing 48 residential parking zones across the district.

Member of the committee and NYCC Executive Member for Highways, Coun Don Mackenzie said:"We currently charge something close to £16 per annum, I do not believe this even covers the admin costs. However with the proposals there is also the possibility of being able to extend residential parking schemes.

"At the moment we simply do not have the funds to do it, £16 a year is not enough but we can look at the charging."

He added:"As councillors know when people from outside the area park in these zones residents do not like it, it's important for us to ask how solutions can be found on this."

Coun Mackenzie also said the potential impact should be taken into account alongside the fact no funding has been offered to address parking in residential zones from large employers, such as Harrogate District Hospital.

Harrogate Borough Council permits cost £16 per year or £27 for two years and administers the permits on behalf of NYCC, who are the highway authority.

After confirming the report would include details including length of time, number of permits per house and details of cost Leader of Harrogate Borough Council, Coun Richard Cooper, suggested details of how a price increase would affect the service be emphasized.

Coun Cooper said: "I would strongly suggest that if an increase in cost for the permits is carried out, which I think is the first for years, residents would easily understand why if we are clear.

"We need to be able to go to residents and say you are getting a better service by paying more, look at what you are getting which is good value for money."