Tour de Yorkshire: Pointing the way as tour comes to town

Kasia Knight with fellow Welcome to Wetherby supporters Iona Taylor, Claire Stubbs, Ian Leadley and Dennis Podlewska.
Kasia Knight with fellow Welcome to Wetherby supporters Iona Taylor, Claire Stubbs, Ian Leadley and Dennis Podlewska.
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The eyes of the cycling world will be on Wetherby, Tadcaster and Boston Spa on Saturday, when the Tour de Yorkshire races through our district.

Organisers have been hard at work ensuring the towns look their best, and laid out exactly how our communities plan to mark the historic event.

Intense media interest is set to surround the beginning of both the men’s and women’s races at the reopened Tadcaster Bridge.

The event will begin with school children from across the area lining the bridge, flags in hand, welcoming the teams and demonstrating how far the community has come since the bridge collapsed in the floods of 2015.

Kirsty Perkins of the Tadcaster Tour de Yorkshire Committee said: “There has been a huge amount of effort put into this.

“I think every person in town is somehow involved.

“It has been important to us that we can highlight how we are up and working again.

“For us as a community we are so grateful to have had Selby District Council and Welcome to Yorkshire to have picked us to host the start of the race and we are so excited.”

As the race starts to build momentum spectators will be able to enjoy fairground rides, an ice cream van and prosecco and Isaac Poad Brewing pop up stands in the A Tour in the Town event in Wetherby.

Iona Taylor, Wetherby Town Council Clerk said: “ Wetherby is where we should get a feel for if there is going to be a breakaway.

“I think people who are pure cycling fans will perhaps want to see who is starting to


Norma Harrington, the Mayor of Wetherby said: “We are really happy we have had this opportunity again and for it to come through the centre instead of the


“It’s much more of an all day event this time, people had to go out to see the race last time but because this time it is coming through the centre.”

In Boston Spa, street food and a screen will be set up near the High Street entrance of Millennium Gardens Car


The library will also be running competitions for children and selling merchandise, while fans have the opportunity to take part in a cycle ride to Wetherby and back.

Budding cyclists can also take up the opportunity to learn new skills with Cycleability Leeds.