Tour de France ‘on time and budget’

Cyclists try out the Tour de France route through Yorkshire
Cyclists try out the Tour de France route through Yorkshire

Organisers of the UK stages of the 2014 Tour de France have insisted plans are on time and on budget.

UK Sport has set up TdFHUB2014 Ltd to co-ordinate planning for the July stages, up until the M25, at which point Transport for London takes over the running of the route through the capital.

Now, the organisation has revealed its plans in the run up to the event.

The start and finish operational plans are due to be finalised by February, along with volunteer selection.

In March, organisers will engage with communities and businesses along the route.

April will see the location of spectator hubs finalised, and traffic and crowd management plans put in place.

Liz Nicholl, UK Sport Chief Executive said: “We have every confidence that the partners involved in delivering this iconic major event will make the nation proud of our hosting abilities and will deliver a platform to inspire further engagement and participation in one of our most successful Olympic and Paralympic sports.”

UK Sport has committed £9.9m to support local planning and help authorities with plans.

Authorities, including North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough Council, have contributed to a local authority pot of £10.6m, from which £4m will be used to resurface roads for the benefit of le Tour and beyond.

Sir Rodney Walker is Chair of TDF2014HUB Ltd. He said: “This is shaping up to be the UK’s biggest ever free sport event, and the economic benefit will be in excess of £100 million. I would urge all businesses to seize the opportunity and make the most of the UK being centre stage once again.”

Gary Verity, Joint Vice Chair of TdFHUB2014 Ltd and Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “With six months to go we are in a great position to ensure the whole country now benefits from hosting the greatest cycle race on the planet and to make it the highlight of a world class weekend of sport for this country.”

Minister for Sport and Tourism, Helen Grant MP said: ““Hosting the beginning of the biggest bike race in the world will bring a great tourism win for those areas and will further cement Britain’s love for the sport of cycling.”

Leeds and York city councils this week revealed more detailed plans ahead of le Tour.

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