Top lawyer gets caught up in media frenzy

Harrogate lawyer Marilyn Stowe appears on BBC Breakfast News.
Harrogate lawyer Marilyn Stowe appears on BBC Breakfast News.

A top Harrogate divorce lawyer got caught up in national media frenzy last week after mother Rebecca Minnock ran away with her three-year-old son.

Last week Marilyn Stowe spoke about the case on ITV’s This Morning, as well as a number of BBC News TV and radio programmes.

Rebecca Minnock, 35, from Somerset, disappeared with her son Ethan on May 27 after a court ruled the boy should live with his father.

She eventually gave herself up on Friday after giving a newspaper interview.

Mrs Stowe, a senior partner at Stowe Family Law, said: “The slot on This Morning was based around the problems of parents who don’t have contact with their children or who experience real difficulties.

“I talked about the approach of the law and the fact the law considers the welfare of the children. That is the principal consideration.”

As the story continued to develop, Mrs Stowe appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live, before talking to BBC Breakfast News and then BBC Lunchtime News.

“It was unbelievable and very intense. It was the most extraordinary week,” she said.

On Monday Judge Stephen Wildblood QC dubbed Ms Minnock’s actions as “utterly irresponsible” and said she and her relatives had tried to manipulate the press with a “publicity stunt”.

Mrs Stowe said: “Going forward now the important thing is to remove Ethan from the public glare as quickly as possible. The affairs of this little boy are meant to be confidential for his own welfare.”