Tonight in Harrogate: Psychedelic rock and shoegazing at Monteys!

Hot London-based Sulk play Harrogate. (Picture by Takeshi-Suga)
Hot London-based Sulk play Harrogate. (Picture by Takeshi-Suga)

One of the country’s best guitar bands is playing in Harrogate tonight.

The time is right for a new well-crafted but powerful British pop group and that band is Sulk.

Consisting of Tomas Kubowicz, Jakub Starzyński, Andrew Needle, Bhairav Gupta and lead singer, Harrogate’s very own Jonathan Sutcliffe, the five-piece are travelling up from London to play Monteys Rock Cafe tonight, Thursday.

Their latest songs see Sulk bringing psychedelic rock and shoegazing into the 21st century with big echo-ing riffs and unstoppable hooklines.

A follow-up to the band’s well-received debut Graceless in 2013, new releases No Illusions sees the band build on their stellar reputation with Stereogum hailing it as a “gorgeous album.”

Particularly impressive is new track The Tape Of You - and video - which the band’s Andrew Needle played a key role in.

He said: “The song is about choosing to live in a memory rather than the real world, and though that’s enticing, how harmful it can be over time.

“Stuck replaying memories over and over, just rejecting the present and not being able to move on.

“The band stuff was shot at Gun Factory Studios in Hackney and the rest is a load of home movie footage I’d shot on different formats.”

Tomas Kubowicz described the new album as a step forward.

He said: “In terms of influences, when it came to Graceless, it was sided more towards stuff like Creation and The Stone Roses, but that’s what we wanted, that’s what we were really into at the time.

“The second album sounds a bit different, not because we felt the need to change direction, it’s just the music we listen to and get influenced by is slightly different now.

“We were never gonna make a copy of Second Coming!”

No Illusions is out now on on Perfect Sound Forever.

Entry at tonight’s show at Monteys Rock Cafe in Harrogate is free.