Today: Public to see controversial new housing plans for Pinewoods area

The Pinewoods in Harrogate.
The Pinewoods in Harrogate.

For anyone worried about the potential affect of plans for new houses on the views in Harrogate's beautiful Pinewoods and Harlow, today is the day they get a chance to see what those fears look like.

Developers Taylor Wimpey are holding a public consultation exhibition on the details of their plans for for 122 new houses near the Pinewoods in Harrogate today, Thursday..

After a public enquiry, the major housebuilding company was finally given permission last year for the Harlow Grange housing development on the land next to the Pinewoods, opposite RHS Harlow Carr.

The exhibition will take place at Rossett Sports Centre from 3pm to 7pm.

At today’s event, representatives of the development team will be there to discuss the proposals and answer questions from residents.

One particularly interested party are the volunteers Pinewoods Conservation Group.

Although not supporters of the plan, they are hoping to help reduce the impact on the woods and its wildlife - and do the best for local residents.

A spokesperson for Pinewoods Conservation Group said: “Although we still feel the site is less than idea for development, we are looking forward to a positive relationship with Taylor Wimpey as we have had with other developers such as Miller Homes and Linden Homes on other neighbouring developments.

“With a large improvement fund available there is also an opportunity within this early engagement phase to investigate some long standing issues, such as cycling provision in the area, and ensure that plans take account of both the needs of other residents and Pinewoods users.”

“We are encouraging all our members and supporters to visit the exhibition where possible and make their thoughts known to the developers and ourselves.

“Now outline planning has been granted we want to make sure that any impact the woods and the wildlife within it is kept to a minimum, both at the construction stage and following.”

Taylor Wimpey is still in the process of finalising their plans for the new site and further formal consultation will still have to take place.

The company is intending to submit a reserved matters application for around 122 family homes, ranging from two to five bedrooms.

It also aims to create large areas of on-site public open space and green links to the Pinewoods which will be accessible to new and exisiting local residents.

There will be a landscaped green corridor through the centre of the site and the development will include landscape buffers screening the new housing development.

The Pinewoods Conservation Group says it will discuss the plans directly with Taylor Wimpey management to reduce impact on the woods and its wildlife.

It may also look to make a formal submission in response to the detailed plans submitted to Harrogate Borough Council.