Tia’s safe and sound after moorland rescue

Hayley Wilson with Tia, safe and sound after her dramatic moorland rescue. Picture: Adrian Murray. (1211211AM1)
Hayley Wilson with Tia, safe and sound after her dramatic moorland rescue. Picture: Adrian Murray. (1211211AM1)

Firefighters from Summerbridge’s fire station have rescued a dog on the moors above Nidderdale.

The fire crew was called to help after the dog, an English Springer Spaniel called Tia, got stuck whilst walking on the moors.

Tia and her owner, Hayley Wilson, had gone walking on Saturday, November 3, at Guisecliff between Nought Bank Road and the Heyshaw TV Booster Mast close to Hayley’s home in Low Laithe, when Tia disappeared.

Hayley said: “One minute she was with me, the next minute she wasn’t. I couldn’t understand where she had gone. I was whistling and shouting, but she wasn’t there.”

After searching for Tia with no luck Hayley walked all the way home to register her dog as lost with the police before returning to the moor to look for Tia again, worried the dog might have fallen over the edge of the cliff.

She eventually found Tia stuck eight to nine feet down a narrow crevice only yards from the footpath across the moor. “I was very lucky to find her,” Hayley added.

The fire crew arrived to help Tia to safety, around five hours after she had first gone missing and crew manager Guy Simpson climbed down the ladder to get her.

The dog was none the worse for her adventure, and Hayley has thanked the fire crew for their help.

“It’s nice to know there is someone there to help. I took some cakes to the fire station to say thank you,” she added.

Tia was rescued by the retained firefighters from Summerbridge’s fire station, and the fire service is appealing for more Nidderdale people to consider joining the team.

They are part time professionals trained by North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to provide on-call cover.

The fire service is especially keen to find male or female recruits for the Summerbridge station who can cover evening and weekend shifts. More information online at www.northyorksfire.gov.uk or from 01609 788516.