They've done it! Harrogate friends complete epic trek across the Sahara for amazing charity

Well done to you all!
Well done to you all!

A little part of Harrogate was planted in the Sahara desert this week. after a determined group of friends from the town took on an ultimate test of endurance.

Michelle Lepine and her friends have raised nearly £11,000 for Wellspring Therapy and Training in Starbeck after trekking across the desert in searing temperatures. T

hey planted some posts in the Sahara sand displaying the names of the generous Harrogate businesses who have sponsored them, including CNG.

Trekking for four days across the Sahara was just the latest challenge for seasoned fundraiser Michelle Lepine, who set herself the mammoth goal of raising £40,000 for good causes in her forties.

Joining good friends Joanne Herendi, Anne Hobbs, Paula Conroy, Lucy Ward and Louise Mulrooney to take part, Michelle said the trek was tough but worthwhile to help Wellspring.

She said: “The heat was about 30 degrees most days beating down on us, and there were a few blisters and sore feet. It was definitely challenging. But we are all really proud of ourselves for putting ourselves out there and doing it. Everybody added something different to the group. We had an encourager, and somebody who made us all laugh, everyone brought something different.”

The executive director of Wellspring Therapy and Training, Emily Fullarton, said: “We just feel so blessed that they chose us to raise money for. They have shown so much commitment and enthusiasm.”

The group will continue fundraising for Wellspring through the year. To add to the total, go to: