These are the ten things that everyone in Knaresborough should have done before they turn 40

The historic market town of Knaresborough is riddled with age-old traditions, quirky features and hundreds of independent businesses.

Monday, 10th December 2018, 3:40 pm
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 3:45 pm
The historic market town has got so many perks and quirks that you might find yourself needing 40 years to tick them all off the list!

But anyone who is born and raised in Knaresborough has usually had a pint in every independent pub, taken part in every tradition and discovered every quirk!

Throughout history there has been much debate about who Mother Shipton was and whether she had the power to tell fortunes and see the future. But the answers about her history are best answered in her hometown...
It's one of the most famous views in the country but seeing Knaresborough from the perspective of sitting on the water is just as enchanting as it is overlooking the river.
You're not a true Knaresborian until you've discovered who Blind Jack is, what he did for the town and gone to enjoy a quiet five minutes on the bench with him - or if you're feeling more social, enjoy a pint in the pub named in his honour!
Not only are the Castle Grounds some of the oldest ruins in the Harrogate District but it is also the best place to observe the world famous view of Knaresborough's viaduct.
If you don't know what we're talking about then you've got no idea what makes Knaresborough so great. This is the pinnacle of the town's quirkiest traditions and is an absolute MUST in the calendar of go-to events.
It has become something of a rite of passage for Knaresborough kids to pile down to the lido every year in the height of summer to make a splash - and long may it last! There's nothing like enjoying the great outdoors!
For a small theatre the Frazer Theatre packs a punch... Tucked away behind the Tesco Express on the High Street, the historic venue has boasted acts such as Holly Rose Webber who is currently number 1 in the iTunes country music charts!
The week long feva festival returns to Knaresborough every year and hosts a range of events for all ages including the Picnic in The Park on the grass of Knaresborough House.
Knaresborough celebrates Christmas and New Year with a host of historic traditions, including the Boxing Day Tug O' War which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year - if you haven't been involved before why not go along or get involved this year?!
...And if you do take part in the Boxing Day Tug O' War, you'll be in need of a cold drink at the end so why not pop into one of Knaresborough's many independent pubs such as the Half Moon or the Mother Shipton Inn for a well-deserved pint!