These are the ten things that everyone in Harrogate should have done before they turn 40

If you're born and raised in Harrogate, there are some rites of passage that almost everyone will have done before the time they're 40.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 4:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th November 2018, 4:20 pm
There are some things that everyone in Harrogate has - or should have - done while living here.

Here are the 10 top things that every Harrogate person has - or should have - done before the milestone birthday...

Whether you go with your girlfriends or your grandma, almost everyone born here has been to Bettys at some point.. and if you haven't, be prepared for a shocked look when you try explaining that to someone outside Harrogate...
Ok so maybe this is one to do well before you're anywhere near 40... but let's not lie - we've all had one too many at the Christmas Party and ended up being 'politely' asked to leave by the Viper Rooms bouncers...
It may not be Harrogate's best boozer but its one of the biggest and the busiest. Whether it be a pint during the World Cup with the game on the big screen or a one before a big night on the town, we've all had a tipple at Spoons.
Harrogate is full of fitness fanatics and running enthusiasts, so we KNOW there will be plenty of you will have participated in parkrun... And with so much open green space, we can't think of anywhere better to give it a go!
When the sun is shining and it's the weekend, there's almost nothing better than getting a few pals together, grabbing a picnic and a football and heading to the Stray to bask in the sun. Ahhh.. Summer we miss you...
Be it a school trip or a night out with the family, we've all lined up outside Harrogate Theatre to watch the panto, desperately hoping to catch some sweets and screaming: "HE'S BEHIND YOU!"
Almscliffe Crag is a special place. Tucked neatly into North Rigton, for those of us living in central Harrogate, there's a bit of a drive to get there but it is most definitely worth it. Climb to the top and just enjoy.
As children we have scooter-ed, run and cycled through here, just making a beeline for the playground. But no matter how old you are, we can all appreciate a casual stroll through the gardens with an ice-cream.
Remember growing up thinking 'this smells awful'? Only a brave few kids actually tried the water, but as we got older, pride and curiosity forced us to try it - and we realised we should have listened to our childhood instincts.
If you live in Harrogate and haven't been to the Stray Bonfire then you really don't know what you're missing! The fireworks, funded by generous donations and local business sponsorship, are always breathtaking.