The Wilde rock the UK for third time with tour + single

Rock band The Wilde.
Rock band The Wilde.

AMP Awards aside, for whatever reason, groups that win Harrogate battle of the bands competitions rarely make the most of it.

Not so The Wilde. Since they stormed to victory in the final of Rehab battle of the bands a few years ago, this punchy alt-rock-pop five-piece haven’t looked back.

They’ve acquired a well-connected manager, their debut single Until Next Time It’s A One Time Thing is still being played on Scuzz TV through Sky TV and their stylish new video for their latest single Young Libertine was premiered on

Rather than playing it safe with gigs in their home bases of Leeds and Harrogate, The Wilde have been touring major cities round the country on and off for two years.

Lead guitarist George Oliver said: “It was a bit nerve-wracking in the early tours - but that’s how you learn things by doing the hard gigs, not the easy ones. You’ve got to put your band to the test.”

This energy-packed outfit have largely done it and financed it all themselves. They’ve done the sleeping on other people’s floors on tour. They’ve even survived a minor crash!

George said: “On our first tour we played a gig in London. It was the first time record industry people were coming us down to see us. We were pretty stressed out.

“We were trying find the venue, all of us together in our hire van, when we were hit by a megabus. We were alright but it wasn’t the best preparation for the show.”

Their latest UK tour which has just finished, is their third and included a ‘homecoming’ gig at Leeds University’s Mine venue.

With Young Libertine the last release for a while and the band set to return to Harrogate’s Home Fire Studios to work on new material next year, it’s also the end of an era.

George said: “I think our songwriting is likely to develop in a way that reflects our recent influences. It may be a bit broader.

"But you’ve got to be careful what you put in your video. It can be the way people think of you forever.”

Personally speaking, I suspect the band's growing range of musical loves and influences will seep into their next set of songs.

Bring it on!