The Wetherspoon's dress code you didn't know about...

Most people in Harrogate love a quick trip to Wetherspoon's but not many will know there's actually a dress code you need to stick to.
Wetherspoon's HarrogateWetherspoon's Harrogate
Wetherspoon's Harrogate

Wetherspoon's is well-renowned for being a low-cost pub chain but it's less well known for its dress code.

A message on the Wetherspoons website informs customers that they may well be refused entry if they do not follow the rules regarding certain attire.

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Luckily for its punters, the dress code isn't too strict and shouldn't be particularly difficult for customers to stick to.

Wetherspoons have stated that customers are requested to remain "fully clothed" throughout their visit, and this includes wearing shoes.

The chain also added that some of its pubs operate a "specific dress code at all or certain times" but said that customers must speak directly to each pub.

So it seems as long as you've got your shoes on, and the pub doesn't mind what you're wearing, then you should be fine to carry on as you are.

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