The Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

Methodist Mike and Reverend Darryl Hall are interviewed by Clare Balding for BBC Radio 4's Rambings.
Methodist Mike and Reverend Darryl Hall are interviewed by Clare Balding for BBC Radio 4's Rambings.

It’s good to talk, so the saying goes, and my wife Gloria says I do plenty of that. I have in recent days been giving talks at WIs and a group in York called Speakability. There is demand out there for talkers and more so if you are free – ‘I’m free’.

I would add that I request my mileage costs and speakers fee (if any) be donated directly by the group or organisation to a charity preferably connected with Dementia.

I enjoy giving talks quite often accompanied by Gloria if they are on an evening. Well as the saying goes the show must go on and in our case that is our business so I have gone solo on my recent day time talks.

At the talk in York the group were people who have unfortunately suffered strokes accompanied by relatives and carers.

While waiting to give my talk Sue from the Stroke Association asked the assembled group if they could guess in which age group the biggest percentage increase was where people were having strokes.

Replies from the room covered age ranges sixty, seventy, fifty to sixty, forty to fifty. Sue announced that none of those answers were correct – it was in fact the 18-24 age group!

Stunned silence all round including myself – who would have thought that!

The message needs sending out so that people can make informed decisions about lifestyle choices.

Moving onto a more cheerful note, my talk in York was well received with polite applause and a thank you to me at the end, or was it just relief that I had finished talking! A few days later I was at Bilton Lane Community Centre giving an afternoon talk by myself to Tagg House Ladies Group.

I was welcomed by a familiar face Anne Richards whose picture is featured each week in this paper heading the Bilton Neighbourhood Column which she writes.

Anne is a great example of someone giving back to the community she lives in especially when you consider she has been writing the column for 10 years. I think my talk was well received as I once again got a round of applause and thank you – or was it just the ladies wanted to get their cup of tea which they have at the end.

Yet more talking last Thursday when I attended the meeting of the Nidderdale Strategic Partnership in my voluntary role as chairman of the Nidderdale Chamber of Trade. This group is made up of councillors, churches and organisations all working together for the betterment of Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale.

The great thing about this group is that everyone is passionate about the area recognising that Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale are the centre of the universe (sorry the rest of you).

Maybe after all Gloria is right that I do plenty of talking and that she ends up doing most of the hard work.

I must have the last word and of course I would say it is more a case of ‘I talk the talk but also walk the walk’.

Talking of walking (I told you I never shut up, even with my writing) please do not forget to listen to the second episode at 3pm this Thursday (25 May) of BBC Radio 4 Ramblings with Clare Balding.

On this second leg of the Nidderdale Way between Scar House Reservoir and Ramsgill, Methodist Mike and the Reverend Darryl Hall are described on the BBC programmes listing as the ‘Ant and Dec of the Church’. Methodist Julia is on hand to keep the two in check. Remember this programme about the Nidderdale Way is over six weeks and they can accessed free on the podcast section on the BBC website.