"The time has just flown by," says retiring Nidderdale Doctor

Dr Bob Spain has retired after thirty years
Dr Bob Spain has retired after thirty years

A doctor who has cared for generations of patients across Nidderdale for three decades has spoken of his pride and joy while working with his team.

Staff and patients bid farewell to Dr Bob Spain who retired after working at the Grange Medical Centre in Dacre Banks, part of the Nidderdale Group Practice, for 30 years.

Looking back he spoke of his joy at securing his dream job of practicing medicine in the countryside after graduating from the University of Newcastle in 1982.

Dr Spain said: "When I applied for the position here there were a 147 other applications, fortunately I managed to get it. I was brought up in the country and was always drawn to it, I love being able to get out fishing and walking.

"The time has just flown by, all of the clinical staff, partners and patients have been fantastic, it is a really interesting place that I have been able to work in.

"More than anything I have enjoyed my time with everyone here as the team are dedicated and I am so proud to have worked with them, especially with their performance during our recent CQC inspection that we just have had, it was a great way to finish things on."

A popular doctor at the surgery one patient rolled out a sign on the village green reading "thank you Dr Bob from all your patients" to mark his retirement while healthcare assistant, Joanne Morrison, penned a retirement poem to mark the day.

Mrs Morrison's wrote: "Pop yourself down, and come with me. We hear it all day long. Our surgery won’t be the same, so different when you’re gone. The thoughts of you retiring, well it makes us all feel sad.Even patients’ say you’re far too young, your “ nor but just a lad”.

"We’ll miss the laughs we’ve shared with you. We’ll miss your strong support,we’ll miss you fixing all that’s broke, and calm when we’re distraught.Now you’ll start watching countdown,have naps and saga breaks.The highlight of your week will be the firs – for tea and cakes. But please don’t worry too much, there’s lots for you to do. Our Margo’s done her research so I’ll name you one or two.

"There’s luncheon club on Monday, at Dacre Village Hall. Just don’t forget a tin of soup, towards the raffle draw. Then bowling on a Tuesday, down at the village green. Our Caroles’ spoke to Stewart and he’s got you on the team. At Pateley on a Wednesday line dancing’s what you’ve got. And Thursday at the leisure pool the O.A.P. swim slot.

"But if it gets too much for you, just “pop yourself down with me." Our dacre girls will love it, we need someone to make tea."

Salaried GP at the Grange Medical Centre, Deborah Thomas said: "Bob has been at Nidderdale Group Practice, working at The Grange Medical Centre in Dacre Banks, for 30 years and has cared for several generations of families in Nidderdale. He has been a hardworking, popular, caring and dedicated doctor and will be really missed by all his patients and the staff at Nidderdale Group Practice"

Trading his stethoscope for a hammer and nails plans to make more use of his home workshop with his newly found free time.

Dr Spain said: "I have always done little bits but I just have never really had the time between working and fishing so I haven't been able to use it much. But I have been able to make a chest of draws and cabinet so far."

Looking forward to his golden years Dr Spain plans to take a trip to Majorca with his wife, Thelma Spain, and will also be making time for a fishing trip up to Scotland.