The perfect blend: Bettys and Downton together

The mock Bettys which has been built on the set of Downton Abbey. (S)
The mock Bettys which has been built on the set of Downton Abbey. (S)

It seems even the stars of yesteryear have excellent taste in cakes...

A familiar Harrogate tea room is to feature on this coming Sunday’s showing of Downton Abbey - as Bettys has been asked to make a cameo appearance in the hit ITV drama.

“It came out of the blue a bit,” a spokesman revealed this week. “But Downton is set in Yorkshire - and they’re never very specific about where - in 1924.

“They were looking for a tea room that’s authentic, and Bettys had been open in Harrogate for five years by then.

“We were very excited when they said they wanted to use us.”

A jubilant Bettys staff immediately invited the entire Downton cast and crew to Harrogate.

But it seems the set is in Ealing and, as they would be filming so far away, ITV asked if they could create their own shop front rather than travel all this way.

“We went though all our archives, looking at old logos and what cakes we were selling at the time,” the spokesman said.

“We sent it all down and their art team whipped up this brand new fictional Bettys.”

Bettys haven’t yet been told quite how it will feature as the Downton script-writers are keeping it all under wraps.

“It might be a blink and you miss it moment!” they said.

“We just don’t know how fleeting or not our moment might be. They’re very secretive about their storylines.

“But we’re very pleased and proud to be a part of something that’s such a huge TV programme.

“It’s massively popular all around the world.”

Bettys staff have been busy creating some authentic treats from the time - including a wedding cake, fruit cakes, and some cream buns - which all feature in the Bettys window display.

“Admittedly, we did put some Fat Rascals in the window, which weren’t around then,” said the spokesman. “But we took a bit of artistic license! The apostrophe has been removed from the Bettys logo for about 50 years, but we kept it out to keep things consistent.”

And while Bettys has known for some time about their cameo appearance, they weren’t able to share their exciting news.

“We were sworn to secrecy until now!” they said this week.

“And then the Bettys logo just popped up in the preview at the end of last week’s show... we thought surely we can share our news now.”

Bettys is to feature on Downton Abbey this Sunday night, October 19, at 9.15pm on ITV.