The Harrogate Briefing - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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POLICE appeal for witnesses after fatal crash, Jack Dee cancels sell-out gig and some models wear some dresses, in Harrogate’s only and therefore best daily web round-up.

And it’s Wednesday, which means it must be time for... oh dear, it’s too early for traditions, we only started The Briefing five days ago.

But what a five days it’s been, with this exciting new digital venture drawing rave reviews from up to four people – and the back-handedest compliment most of us have ever seen (NB: link contains one rude word).

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Now on to the main business...


Police appeal for key witness to come forward after fatal road traffic collision near Harrogate. More here.

Jack Dee cancels tomorrow’s sell-out Harrogate gig due to a family emergency. Full details in this link.

A bridal fair in Harrogate attracts visitors from around the world. Reporter Ruby Kitchen investigates.

Janet Street-Porter will host Harrogate awards. I love Janet Street-Porter, tell me more.

Hundreds of specialist dental places are available in Knaresborough. NHS stat-attack this way.


Harrogate tea to feature on BRILLIANT new US show Homeland. Our report prompts this response from Twitter user @Allllliiiii.

Karate clubs enjoy great start to 2012.

And if you just can’t get enough of this thing you’re reading right now, here’s yesterday’s Briefing.


Our Harrogate tweets of the day, painstakingly preserved for future generations, and featuring beer, a sore hand and Gary Barlow.

A solitary video clip: Pamela Stephenson spoofing the young Janet Street-Porter on Not the Nine O’Clock News.

Australian Pink Floyd come to Harrogate to take the Waters.

And what really happens at the Victus Restaurant in Harrogate? A bat with the head of a man rides a centaur around the kitchens singing Supertramp songs? Apparently not. Will Atkinson takes us all behind the scenes of the Jenson Button-backed eatery.

That’s all for today, other than to say, why not...


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