The Harrogate Briefing - Wednesday, April 4

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HARROGATE has UK’s hottest men, teen tech whizz wows intelligence services and Disney premieres are graced by suit made in this very town. Yes, it’s Harrogate’s only and therefore best daily web round-up!

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Your once-in-a-lifetime* Harrogate Briefing:


We’ve long suspected it, now it’s been confirmed: Harrogate men are the hottest in the UK.

Teen tech genius wows British intelligence services. I wonder if he could fix my laptop.

More than a thousand pupils don walking boots to raise money for school’s new fitness suite. Clicky.

Harrogate suit stars at premieres of new Disney film. It was being worn by top Brit actor Mark Strong.


Dragongate Festival preview from our resident music buff Graham Chalmers. Featuring The Birdman Rallies, who appear to be made of Lego.

Harrogate Town inch closer to Blue Square North safety. Match report.

One-woman show from Yorkshire-born artist. Includes a Magic Eye picture of her meeting Prince Charles.


The Guardian’s legendary over-by-over cricket coverage mentions Harrogate! And we’re the hottest men in the UK? What a day.

Lancashire town plans to create Bettys-style tea room. Ooh, fancy.

Something about catering and the Mayor of Harrogate. Includes two uses of the phrase “best practice”.

Are you over 80 and live in Hebden Bridge? Then this trip to a restaurant near Harrogate should be right up your alley.

Which? lands in Harrogate to review pushchairs at nursery fair. The “Babystyle Oyster Max” sounds incredible.

Eight artisans from the Scottish Borders get six grand to attend Harrogate craft fair. Goodness.

“The event attracted more than 3,000 rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rabbits and rats to Harrogate in January.” What was this cataclysmic happening? Oh, the Small Animal Show.

Where to hear birds singing, according to the Independent. Harlow Carr’s in there, of course.

*once in a daytime

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