The Harrogate Briefing - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello laydeez... Yeah, we did just make this new logo. (S)
Hello laydeez... Yeah, we did just make this new logo. (S)

ROADWORKS, Michael McIntyre and food poisoning. That’s the super-summarised version of the movie pitch we sent to Hollywood two years ago. It’s also, weirdly, a list of the topics covered in today’s headlines. Which basically makes us Nostradamus.

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Argh! Roadworks! From tomorrow! Honk!

Michael McIntyre is coming to Harrogate in May. Tickets on sale from Friday.

You know that thing when some git in a 4x4 has parked over the white line, so you have to park over the line too? Is that your fault? NO! Yet a Harrogate pensioner has been fined for doing precisely that. But she ain’t going quietly.

Ever suspected you might be eating sweet and sour golden retriever? Amazingly, you can find out – sort of – by seeing how the takeaway, restaurant or pub whose food you’ve just swallowed has performed in food inspector’s ratings. But beware – once seen, the truth cannot be unseen.


Rugby: Harrogate v Huddersfield from Huddersfield’s point of view: Our rivals threw away the lead, the fools.

We cannot make any sense of this. It’s about a fictional communist arriving at the bourgeois heartland of Harrogate station. And not much else.

Did you know that Harrogate has lent its name to a Hotpoint oven? Neither did we, but after clicking this link, we were enlightened. It has come to that, dear reader. We’re sending you to a deal comparison page for ovens. Is that news? IS IT REALLY NEWS?!?!?!

No, of course it isn’t. Here’s a picture of a cat looking at some bacon to make up for it: Om nom nom.


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