The Harrogate Briefing - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our monstrosity of a logo. Why not make us a better one? Because you're too busy, I imagine.
Our monstrosity of a logo. Why not make us a better one? Because you're too busy, I imagine.

ARMED robbery, Americans drinking tea and Kate Rusby in Harrogate’s only and therefore best daily web round-up.

Hello and welcome to The Briefing. Also in today’s instalment: an invisible goal, two mentions of Homeland, Princess Diana, UFOs and “network resilience”.

You are now part of the coolest club in Harrogate. And by coolest, I do indeed mean “nerdiest”.

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Police called to scene of jewellery raid in Harrogate town-centre. An updated version of today’s story is here. Crime reporter Ruby Kitchen also has eyewitness reports from the scene for this Friday’s paper.

A talented schoolgirl has raised hundreds of pounds for Saint Michael’s Hospice by performing with her grandfather’s jazz band. Toot toot.

Soldier will run around Stray for 24 hours non-stop. It’s all for charity.


Full preview ahead of Harrogate Town’s visit to Guiseley tonight. Sports desk is tipping a score draw.

Review and results from the Harrogate Competitive Festival.


Roll-up, roll-up, see the amazing Harrogate tweets of the day! Wow at the flowery dress! Thrill at the cake-stand! Also featuring boozy lunches, tab holes and the Harrogate Hound’s business card.


Ski bop bop bod op bom, he’s the Stamp Man. And he’s been in Harrogate. I presume they went to the same crafts fair as that lady with the signs.

How Americans see Yorkshire Gold tea, star of Homeland. Sample quote: “As you watch its golden amber descent into a teacup, complement [sic] with just the right amount of milk and perhaps a little sugar, you’ll appreciate what our colonial forefathers sacrificed when they chose to promote the United States as an American coffee-drinking nation.”

Four Americans (them again) enjoy a trip to Harrogate, part of their first visit to the UK. It’s a nice read, though they’re slightly preoccupied with decor, Princess Diana and woollens, and think James Herriot’s books are based in Scotland.

National law firm strengthens its “network resilience”. Huh? Apparently the story originated in Harrogate. Don’t know why.


Chib Chilaka nets a hat-trick for Harrogate Town. I suppose we’ll never know if his second goal was very good. The on-off sound reminds me a bit of the torture sequences in Homeland.

The wonderful Kate Rusby performs a transcendent version of Mary Blaize in Harrogate. There’s a review of her 2010 Christmas gig here, and a clip of her singing The Recruited Collier (not in Harrogate) here. She is amazing. Go buy all her records and see her in concert NOW.

Irrefutable evidence of UFOs.

Hopefully there are enough videos online to continue The Briefing forever without having to link to the FHM Honeys at Carringtons. Hey, where are you going? Don’t you dare Google that.

That’s all for today, other than to say, why not...


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