The Harrogate Briefing - Thu, April 19

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COUNTER terrorism police, Harry Potter and Father Jack. It’s our version of Avengers Assemble: they’re all in today’s guide to the best of Harrogate on the web.

Plus: cellos, rain, tears, insurance, The Beatles, archery and spanking. It’s what the web was invented for*.

The Briefmaster General has to go now, as he’s off to see Whit Stillman’s first new movie for 13 years. He just wrote that last sentence in the third person. Hark at him.

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Our big brother, the Harrogate Advertiser, is on sale tomorrow. Buy him for £1.


Counter-terrorism police search Knaresborough house. It follows five arrests elsewhere.

Heart unit for Harrogate kids is still under threat. Full update here.

Charity shop looks through donations, finds signed Harry Potter first edition. Now it’s up for auction. “Auctio book!” I would particularly recommend this link as it looks like the dragon is breathing fire at our story.

Case against Fat Badger owner is adjourned. He’s accused of being part of a £30m fraud.

Harrogate chef to appear on the Great British Menu. She’s from Rudding Park.


Railway’s relegation battle goes to final day. More here.

York theatre group brings new play to Harrogate Theatre. Man with beard clenches fist.

“Best of British concert” by Ripon orchestra. They’re conducted by Xenophon Kelsey MBE, who has the best name in the Harrogate district.

It’s raining, it’s pouring so there might not be that much cricket, as the song goes.

Audience cries at jokes.


You know the archers? No, not the long-running Radio 4 soap with the memorable theme tune. No, not the groundbreaking team of British filmmakers Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. But archers a little like these ones? Well the ones from Harrogate have won a competition. Look.

Father Jack from Father Ted is playing in Harrogate. Oh no, sorry, it’s Bob Geldof (clip may contain rude words and so on). And you can win tickets here.

Security fencing to go up around a new play area in Blackrod, Lancashire. (That should stop vandals making... 10,000 holes in Blackrod, Lancashire.) The last word of the story is “Harrogate”. If you skip one link from this Briefing, make it this one.

Or possibly this one. “Harrogate-based Engage Mutual has increased premium income in its health and life insurance businesses against ‘a challenging economic backdrop’.” If you know what that means, then you might enjoy this.


Harrogate Theatre does a great job with its web stuff. Here’s its preview of the summer’s top ten attractions.

Tipster backs Harrogate Town to beat Colwyn Bay. Preview includes the word “spanked”.


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And that is all for today. Thanks for reading.

*this may be incorrect