The Harrogate Briefing - Monday, March 26, 2012

What is this? Did John Logo Baird die for nothing? Don't worry - our new logos are being unveiled tomorrow! (S)
What is this? Did John Logo Baird die for nothing? Don't worry - our new logos are being unveiled tomorrow! (S)

HEADTEACHER steps down, appeal made after fatal crash and man waves crime prevention notice at a policeman, in Harrogate’s only and therefore best daily web round-up. Includes jokes.

Plus: rugby, restaurants, tweets, puns, coats, a bra, a bell tower, something about Germany and 6.4m litres of gas oil, which is apparently all you need for a good time nowadays.

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Headteacher steps down suddenly. More details here.

Police appeal after fatal crash. Full story here.

Man failed to heed crime prevention notice. Then waved it at the police.

Debt led to shoplifting from supermarkets - exclusive court story.

Masham brewery boss takes on new deputy lieutenant role. Clicky.

£1m interiors business opens in Harrogate. One meeeeellion pounds.


Harrogate draw at rugger. Match report.

Harrogate youngster takes step toward World Tour Finals role. He’s a ball boy.

New restaurant closes... but there’s better news elsewhere. Food news with yer man Tom Hay.


Harrogate tweets of the day. Featuring One Direction, Harrogate’s most sinister restaurant and Daffodilgate.

A list of puns mixing song titles and things to do with Harrogate, some of them by us, some of them by others. Pass the Duchy.

A sneak peek at this week’s Advertiser which, according to one staffer, contains “the sexiest Page 5 ever”. Nothing blue, it’s just laid out nicely, with a map and everything.


Tourist seeks advice on where to go during 10-day jaunt around Harrogate region. Surely: ride on the 36 all day, have tea at Subway, chill at Wildcats. These jokers have other ideas.

Crown Oil wins award in Harrogate after recycling 6.4m litres of gas oil. Sample quote: “General manager Mark Andrews explains that the project required more than 200 tanker movements.”

Some coats.

If I had a pound for every time someone had said: ‘How far is it from Harrogate to Koeln-mulheim’, I wouldn’t have a pound. Which makes this Google Alert all the more mystifying.

A blog about people from Greater Manchester visiting Harrogate for the bridal fair. The photos have a ‘90s-indie-film aesthetic. Don’t think it’s intentional.

The MemoBra, being launched in Harrogate WHILE I WRITE THIS. Or at least between yesterday and tomorrow. The MemoBra is a bra and Filofax all in one. (No it isn’t.)

This is nice: some photos from a Harrogate wedding.

Two smiley faces and a bell tower, as a Harrogate Grammar student tells us about their French exchange.

Travel from Starbeck to Wembley to cheer on York City. Or don’t. Whatever.


Crochet madness at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show, 2008.

Cher Lloyd in Harrogate in 2010.

More nausea-inducing travel footage. A 40-minute drive to Harrogate, at 20x the speed. Euuuuuurrrrh, we don’t feel well.

That’s all for today, other than to say, why not...


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