The Harrogate Briefing - Monday, March 19, 2012

Our monstrosity of a logo. Why not make us a better one? Because you're too busy, I imagine.
Our monstrosity of a logo. Why not make us a better one? Because you're too busy, I imagine.

A FLASHMOB, Miss Harrogate and bad news for Harrogate’s large Vietnamese community, in Harrogate’s only and therefore best daily web round-up.

Plus: a pot of coffee, your tweets, the Daily Mail, arts and crafts, Zachary Quinto and the chance to emulate your hero and mine, Mrs Doubtfire.

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I am really sorry about the logo. I haven’t had Friday’s back since I sent it to the Cultural Olympiad, so we’re having to use the old one.


VIDEO: Harrogate flash mob wows town-centre crowd. I’m not easily impressed (ooh look, my Johnston Press-branded biro, how exciting), but this is terrific.

Miss Harrogate crowned. And the winner is... Harrogate Grammar student Laura Anderson. (Sorry the picture’s a mite fuzzy, we’ll fix it for the paper.)

Clubs and pubs in Harrogate asked to ban town’s worst offenders in anti-social behaviour crackdown. So behave yourself.

After surviving cancer at just 27, Leigh takes on Race for Life. More here.


Creative agency moves to fancy new home. It’s alright for some.

All the latest from the weekend’s Harrogate Town and Harrogate Railway matches. Mixed fortunes.


Featuring Homeland, pizza and (*squeal!*) Justin Bieber.


Daily Mail column about “property browsing” mentions Harrogate. I didn’t get past the first par, but I imagine it has something to do with how immigration is threatening Kate Middleton, house prices or our swans.

Do you have a food and venue management arm? I don’t, but the Crown Group does. Behind the scenes at the Harrogate International Centre’s caterers. Of interest primarly to catering industry obsessives.

Man brews Taylors of Harrogate’s Hot Lava Java. Not quite sure what this is; seems to be a picture of some coffee.

Bad news for Harrogate’s large Vietnamese population.

Big chat about Super League happens in Harrogate. Who knew?

Nice blog entry about enjoying Mother’s Day in Harrogate.

Notts lady who makes signs is coming to Harrogate craft fair. Don’t adopt that air of insouciant cool like you don’t care. Link here.

Woman who really likes Zachary Quinto, of Star Trek and Heroes fame, has a walk round Harrogate. It makes her sleepy.

Bored of your job? Enjoyed the film Mrs Doubtfire (and/or the source novel, Madame Doubtfire, by Anne Fine)? Why not apply to be a nanny in Harrogate?

ELSEWHERE ON THE WEB – VIDS Harrogate Town loanee Rory Coleman didn’t score ordinary goals, did he? Wowsers. (I’m afraid the person did a swear in the video description; let’s just ignore them.)

Restful music and handheld footage of Harrogate. Video poster tmfarnham also lists Harrogate as one of the world’s most civilised places, but does not show his/her working.

That’s all for today, other than to say, why not...


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