The Harrogate Briefing - Friday, March 16, 2012

Our entry in the Cultural Olympiad Smackdown 2012. (With thanks to MS Paint.)
Our entry in the Cultural Olympiad Smackdown 2012. (With thanks to MS Paint.)

RAPPING in the countryside, the actual headlines and “the greatest goal of all time” – video included – in Harrogate’s only and therefore best daily web round-up.


It’s Friday and your new Harrogate Advertiser is on the shelves. It’s stuffed to the gills with news. And some opinion. And also quite a lot of pictures. And it’s just £1.

I’m reading it now (that’s obviously not true) and I must say it really is terrific (that obviously is true).

There’s even a plug for The Briefing on Page 10. It’s a bit outdated, though, as it doesn’t have our new logo on it.

We hope you like the new logo, it was made by one of our reporters on MS Paint and is a harbinger of the Digital Age/sublime work of art.

The red symbolises Manchester United, the blue dots suggest an uncertain handling of the software, the writing reflects the name of this column and the bit where it says “Friday” is a reference to the Rebecca Black song.

We’re hoping to enter it in the Cultural Olympiad, though it’s not quite clear on whether that has a competitive element.

As for The Briefing as a whole, your suggestions for improvements are always welcome, on the comments below, via email at or on Twitter, and you can send us your links as well.

La Gioconda, a commenter we mentioned yesterday, got in touch to tell us that she is a woman.

We hadn’t been sure.

Apparently the clue is in the “La” pronoun. What does she think we are, German?


EXCLUSIVE: Teens plead not guilty to Valley Gardens arson. Our reporter was in court.

War hero scammed out of his life savings. Full story here.

Jack Nicholson fails to attend Harrogate business “Oscars”. Creamy awards goodness – including a full list of winners.

Protestors to take to streets in Workfare protest. Yes I would like to read more about that.


Elaine Page speaks ahead of Royal Hall engagement. Clicky.

Harrogate Town face must-win clash at basement side. Here we go again.

And Sunderland goalie Ben Wilson reveals his debt to the Wetherby Road club.


Find out what Harrogate smells of, in our collection of the day’s finest Harrogate tweets. Also includes iPads and a pastoral tribute to the Notorious B.I.G.

This is sports reporter Andy Groves’s favourite goal of all time – and it’s by a Harrogate Town player, on-loan Rory Coleman smashing in a free-kick left-footed from 40 yards against Fleetwood Town in 2009.

Harrogate Railway announces a holiday camp for kids. I am too big to go.

Want to tread the boards in a local am-dram group? This is who to contact. Yes I really am just linking to a load of names and phone numbers.

Something about Morrisons, abattoirs and a Harrogate conference. I just like the name of the website.


Harry Gate suggests a regular spot on the website – or in the paper – for cult hero Harrogate Dave, whose council rant and tour of the Valley Gardens have already featured on The Briefing.

That’s all for today, other than to say, why not...


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