The great Starbeck takeaway debate

NADV 1403186AM1 Starbeck Shops.(1403186AM1)
NADV 1403186AM1 Starbeck Shops.(1403186AM1)

Readers have continued to get in touch to have their say on plans to open the latest takeaway on Starbeck High Street.

The proposal submitted to Harrogate Borough Council for a fish and chip shop, would bring to 15 the total number of takeaways in less than a quarter of a mile.

Some residents have suggested developments such as this should not continue as they worry for the character of Starbeck.

However, others believe the takeaways are better than no shops at all.

Elizabeth Ward, who has lived in Starbeck for 15 years, called the Harrogate Advertiser series to have her say.

She said: “When I first moved in there were three takeaways, and then all of a sudden we have got no parking, because the staff come in their own cars and park in the street.

“The smell is absolutely atrocious. I had to bring my washing in on Monday even though it was a lovely day because of it.

“I am quite saddened that they are going to put another takeaway in Starbeck, and it will affect the parking issue even more.

“I just think it is absolutely disgusting. There is nothing in Starbeck now, no one comes except for the takeaways. Where are the greengrocers and bakeries?”

Christine Stewart has organised Starbeck in bloom for 16 years and has lived in the town since 1982.

She said: “Starbeck isn’t a dump. Last year in Britain in bloom we were voted the best community in the United Kingdom. That doesn’t sound like a place that is in decline.

“I personally don’t agree with all the takeaways, but what I don’t want to see is whole parades of shops boarded up. They look far worse than takeaways.

“The fact that we haven’t got any greengrocers or bakeries is very sad, but I had a greengrocers shop and couldn’t make it pay.

“Most people I have spoken to agree with me that the town has gone up in the last 20 years, not down.”

A Starbeck resident since 1991, Stuart Rhodes emailed us to tell us his thoughts.

“Starbeck High Street is and has been for some years in continual decline,” he said.

“Local council members and indeed Harrogate Borough Council as a whole have failed this community.

“It is a parade dominated by takeaways that add nothing to the community but more litter and a place for disaffected youth to gather.

“Add this to overflowing bins and bags of rubbish left on the streets and you have a community in decline. No more takeaways please.”

Adana Buchanan, aged 76, has lived in Starbeck since the 1960s. She called and said: “We have got enough takeaway shops in Starbeck. It is only a small place and personally I don’t approve of it at all.

“It just brings the place down and people don’t clean the area up.

“I think it is about time people start cooking proper meals rather than having takeaways.

“We didn’t have all that in the 60s. It has changed so much over the years.

“They should put something there apart from food or gambling. It is just spoiling the area.”

Peter Pullan, who attended Starbeck Secondary School in 1956, said the town is much better now than it used to be.

He said: “It was full of smoke from the goods trains in the yards, the clatter of the looms, and the odd beast escaping from the slaughterhouse.

“The place is a lot cleaner, quieter, and better now.”

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