The great debate - Harrogate town centre

Harrogate street scene, pictured Market Place, Harrogate.
Harrogate street scene, pictured Market Place, Harrogate.
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Debate: Harrogate town centre - what’s good, what’s bad, what’s ugly? What do we need more of? And what could we do to make it better?

The Advertiser is running a piece this week on what makes our area a thriving shopping district.

But there’s always room for improvement. What do you think?

Here’s some comments from the town centre this morning:

“I would love to see more shops - there aren’t a lot of nice ones left. Now that Beales has closed Warehouse has gone, Oasis, all the more affordable high street stores that you don’t see on James Street. And we definitely need more menswear - there’s only Burtons really. We’ve got plenty of restaurants!” Joanne Armstrong, 37, from Harlow Hill, a deputy head at a preschool in Harrogate.

“Town centres like Harrogate should be as independent as possible. There’s far too many chain restaurants in Harrogate - we can cook food like that at home. It’s the same with the shops, too many chains. We need something more quirky. We lived in Islington for years, and mixing that uniqueness with the beauty of Harrogate would be ideal.”

“We need more boutique shops. We are being taken over by these big conglomerates. We’re losing the identity of the town - it’s becoming like any other high street in England.”

“We need different types of cafes, they are all the same, high-end and not very affordable. We need more of everything! More wine bars, more evening openings.” Susan Temperley, 63, art seller, from Granby Road.

“We love it! We’ve got everything we need in Harrogate town centre. We love the shops here. Actually, maybe a Gap Kids and a Mothercare!” Carer Robert, 33 and Zsuzsi Dobai, 32, of Trafalgar Road.

What do you think?
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