The Boroughbridge Mayor’s Column with Peter Phillips

Richard Joynes, Scott Bosomworth and Rob Cave were walking from the Scottish border to Ripon.
Richard Joynes, Scott Bosomworth and Rob Cave were walking from the Scottish border to Ripon.

Back from a few relaxing days enjoying the Northumberland coast and celebrating Nell’s first birthday. Arriving back home I find that everything has gone development crazy.

Taylor Wimpey has now submitted plans for their housing development plans at the back of the Ridings, Harness Lane and the Chase.

I was pleased to see that they had included an access and egress point on to Chapel Hill, Aldborough Road.

Plans have also been submitted for the new attempt to impose an ‘unneeded’ motorway service station, just North West of Kirby Hill.

I suppose my biggest surprise was to receive proposals from Gladmans to develop the newly proposed site on the A168 just south of Stump Cross.

Local residents have received a very colourful leaflet of how the site could benefit Boroughbridge, I’m far from convinced.

You can find out more information and have your say by visiting

Linden Homes are now poised to develop the now derelict Boddy’s Wood Yard.

I have been informed that they wish to demolish the existing building as soon as soon as possible to make the site safe and secure.

I have welcomed their wish to meet with the council at some point in the near future to discuss their timetable for development.

Then there are the plans by Al Khaleej Sugar to build a huge sugar beet factory at Allerton Park.

If the plans are to be believed this will be dwarf the incinerator by being as tall as York Minster, covering the size of 130 football pitches, with thousands of HGV vehicles regularly visiting the site.

For information on this development you can visit www.stopthe

Alternatively you can attend the public meeting scheduled for Tuesday 5 September in Marton-cum-Grafton village hall at 7pm.

It’s important with so much development happening in our community not to be sucked in by the promises of so called ‘community benefits’.

It is also important that people join in the consultation processes because your views really do count.

So enough of the ‘D’ word for this week.

When Pauline and I retired from youth work we always like to try and keep in touch with some of our ex youth club members some of which are now in to their 40s ( making us feel very old ).

We were contacted last week by three of our past members, Rob Cave, Richard Joynes and Scott Bosomworth who told us that they were planning to walk from the Scottish border to Ripon approximately 130 miles taking nine days.

Why I asked? ‘For the challenge’, they replied.

But they hoped to raise over £1,500 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

As I write this they have just finished.

Well done guys.

And finally a big well done to Boroughbridge Live and Brighter Boroughbridge for their very successful ‘Secret Garden’ day that attracted over 370 people in to 19 secret gardens in Boroughbridge.