The big reveal: Countdown to see Starbeck's new community mural

Artists Emma Hardaker and Bobbi Rae. (1809102AM1).
Artists Emma Hardaker and Bobbi Rae. (1809102AM1).

It’s a project that’s galvanised the Starbeck community, and captured the imagination of so many  - Starbeck’s new community mural will be proudly unveiled on Saturday.

Right from the outset, the team behind the mural have been passionate about using their artwork to capture the amazing community spirit of Starbeck, presenting a visual showpiece of all that makes Starbeck great.

Artists Emma Hardaker and Bobbi Rae invited residents to share their ideas and vision for what the mural should look like, and used these suggestions to shape the final design.

The mural, which has given a new lease of life to a previously graffiti-targeted external wall of St Andrew’s Church, will be publicly revealed for the first time on Saturday at 2pm, and all residents are invited!

Emma and Bobbi don’t want to give too much away at this stage to avoid spoiling the surprise, but among other things, readers can expect to see some floral designs representing Starbeck in Bloom, and a number of Starbeck stories and anecdotes have been woven in - many of which were shared by residents at the consultation events.

Emma said: “We really wanted to showcase and celebrate the vibrancy of the community in Starbeck. And I think the level of interest we’ve seen in this project shows the strength and pride that a lot of people living in Starbeck have for their area, and how much they care about it.

“We looked at the past, present, and future of Starbeck, and explored its history and heritage with residents. We’ve really enjoyed hearing all of the anecdotes from residents, and we have used them to find a common ground for the composition. I hope this won’t be the last project of this kind in Starbeck, it would be great to see more things like this.”

Starbeck resident Sharon Gladish, who runs a Sunday club for St Andrew’s Church, came up with the idea for the mural. She said she hopes the artwork will be something that Starbeck becomes known for, drawing in visitors from outside the area to come and see it.

The project has had huge support from St Andrew’s Church and its vicar, the Rev Phil Carman, and the mural fits in perfectly with their passion to reach out to the community.

The Starbeck Community Mural team have been keen to involve as many community groups as possible.

The 23rd Harrogate (Hookstone) Scouts helped to apply for the project’s funding, which came from Harrogate Borough Council and the Starbeck community grants fund, as well as North Yorkshire County Council.