Thank you Mrs Tee: Glasshouses Community Primary School prepares to say a fond farewell to their headteacher after 17 years

Lynn Tee.
Lynn Tee.

After 17 years of being at the heart of Glasshouses Community Primary School, pupils, teachers and staff are preparing to say an emotional farewell to their headteacher Lynn Tee, 61, whose passion for playing an active role in the village has radiated through school events and traditions.

The school has transformed in Mrs Tee’s 17 years, from having two rooms and lacking major building work to boasting enviable facilities.

Glasshouses school prepares to say a fond farewell to Mrs Tee.

Glasshouses school prepares to say a fond farewell to Mrs Tee.

Pupils have organised a strawberry tea at the school on Monday, July 24, 3pm to 5pm, to thank their headteacher for her extensive contribution to the school.

Past pupils, teachers, staff, parents, and villagers are invited to join in with the celebrations.

Mrs Tee is treasuring every moment at the school ahead of her retirement.

She said: “I have been emotional for a year now, knowing that I am retiring, I have been very aware that everything is the last - whether that’s my last Christmas party, or my last May Day with the school.

“It makes them all even more enjoyable, because I know that they are all precious memories for me to


“I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to work here all these years. The school is so vibrant, active and thriving.”

The pride Mrs Tee has for the school and Glasshouses will always stay with her.

She said: “I hope to leave a legacy of a school that is at the heart of the community.

“My favourite memories from my time here are the community events we take part in. The May Day celebrations are always so special. Seeing the pupils dance on the village green, it makes me so proud of them. Every pupil takes part.

“The fact we do these things as a whole community means that it brings everyone together.

“I want to thank all the wonderful families, children, staff and governors I have worked with, who have all contributed to the great experience I have had.

“I am looking forward to going on holiday with my family, landscaping my garden, and enjoying the beauty of the Dales.

“I feel like it’s all come full circle now, from being a person in the village experiencing May Day, to being a parent, a teacher, then a head


“Soon I’ll be back to the start.”

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