Support without stigma at Harrogate Hub as part of awareness campaign

Ella Green of the Harrogate Hub
Ella Green of the Harrogate Hub

Support without stigma is available at the Harrogate Hub to help a push towards tackling domestic abuse.

Following the launch of the Independent Domestic Abuse Services’ (IDAS) Domestic Abuse Awareness Campaign this month the Hub is promoting the help it can offer at it’s centre on Oxford Street.

Jo-Ann Hughes, Executive Director

Jo-Ann Hughes, Executive Director

Anyone who is made to ‘feel isolated or if their relationship does not feel right’ can have continued support says Ella Green of the Harrogate Hub.

She said: We can signpost people to IDAS but we continue to support them after this, listening and going through these things with people.

“Its not necessarily a counselling session but its a chance for people to see a friendly face and having someone listen to them.

“Often when people come through the door you can tell that their confidence is low and that its a big step for them, but we see this change as time goes on.”

“This is not just for cases of domestic abuse though, it can help people who are made to feel isolated or anything else that might make them feel like something is not right in their relationship.

“This could be something they are embarrassed or confused about, but this is a confidential service. They can share how they feel with us without stigma.”

Workers at the hub have been provided training with IDAS in how best to offer support, as part of the organisations 'IDAS Champions' scheme.

Jo-Ann Hughes, Executive Director says that the links between the hub and specialised organisations, like IDAS.

She said: This means that it is not a one time thing and we can offer support through signposting but see them through it through the way.”

The Hub is currently looking for support to help cover it's running costs, £200 every time it opens.