Stunning Harrogate venue to star in Four in a Bed

One of Harrogate's most historic conversions is to feature shortly in Channel 4's hit reality show Four in a Bed.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 8:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 8:38 am
The owner of The Chapel in Harrogate, Mark Hinchcliffe, back row, left, with other contestants from Channel 4's Four in a Bed.

It's not the first time the Grade II-listed The Chapel has been the focus of national attention since its owner, art collector Mark Hinchcliffe lovingly converted the Wesleyan church into, perhaps, Britain's most luxurious and artistically impressive B&B.

Located on Grove Road, the spectacular 7,500 sq ft ecclesiastical property has been the subject of several major articles in the national press.

Inside's Harrogate's most luxurious B&B - The Chapel.

But, as Harrogate viewers will see next week, this amazingly transformed ex-Methodist church and Sunday school has now become one of four B&Bs and hotels battling it out for victory in a new edition of Four in a Bed.

It's not the first time the Grade II listed building off Skipton Road has been on national TV since developers' bid to turn it into flats was rejected and Mark took over the derelict building.

Architect and TV presenter George Clarke followed owner and art collector Mark's progress on the historic and lavish conversion for Channel 4’s Restoration Man in 2013.

Built in 1896, The Chapel came with a huge amphitheatre-style middle section which was retained in its transformation into a sensational home and boutique B&B.

As for next Monday's episode of Four in a Bed, as you would expect, Mark has to remain tight-lipped about the result.

He admits he hasn't actually seen the finished programme but does say the filming was "a theatrical rollercoaster" and it was "good fun" and the Chapel "looked stunning."

The format of Four in a Bed sees each pair of B&B or hotel owners visits each other's business as guests.

If they believes it wasn't worth the money, they underpay. If they do, they pay the full amount - or close to it.

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