Storm Doris: How badly will it hit the Harrogate district?

Nasty weather conditions today.
Nasty weather conditions today.

Harrogate residents are experiencing wild and woolly weather as Storm Doris sweeps across Yorkshire.

For commuters wondering just how bad it is - or is going to get - there is an amber warning for wind and a weaker yellow warning for snow in the Harrogate district today.
So far train disruption seems to have been minor on the Harrogate line.
Other parts of the country are certainly getting it worse than here so far but conditions are expected to deteriorate further around mid-afternoon today, Thursday before clearing mid-evening.

So is it going to continue to be what used to be called " squally" or will Storm Doris actually cause major disruption in our area at all?

The word is to expect things to worsen around 3pm to 4pm then be better by 8pm - approximately.

The BBC Weather Centre is currently predicting the following weather conditions for later today:
Heavy and blustery rain at first. A drier interval, with lighter winds is then likely, although gales and some rain could persist in the south, leading to disruption. Further rain and brisk winds then spread south later, with showers following.

Brisk north to northwesterly winds will ease overnight with clear spells possible, but also isolated wintry showers. Feeling cold, with the risk of icy patches.

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