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Church Service: the next service in All Saints, Staveley will be a Eucharist Service at 9.30am on Sunday 11 August.

Staveley Nature Reserve Liaison Group SNR(LG): the following points were discussed at the latest meeting held in the new hide on the reserve :-Dogs on leads - advice had been sought on this matter and YWT had decided to place signs around the reserve with the wording “ please keep dogs on a lead anywhere in the reserve”. There would also be signs forbidding dogs in the hides and in areas close to the west lagoon.

It was reported that a neighbouring farmer had chickens killed by loose dogs but although the meeting sympathised with the farmer as it was not on YWT land it was not really appropriate for this forum. Churchyard - the sign asking people not to climb the wall into the churchyard had resulted in some success and YWT agreed to make their notices at this point more substantial and permanent. Footpath access from the village - the process of making the “walked line” into a public right of way had stalled as NYCC had failed to erect appropriate notices indicating the change to the public.

Report from YWT: it was reported that YWT now have better control of the water flow and water levels in the lagoons. Orientation maps were to be erected soon at appropriate points around the reserve.

Interpretation boards and displays were being created for the new hide and would be installed as soon as possible. This will make the hide more interesting for visitors.The hay meadow will be reseeded in the autumn.

Questions raised - questions were raised about signage to the reserve and in the village.

It had been suggested the sign on Minskip Road was set too far back and could be missed by motorists leaving the village. YWT agreed to check the reason for mounting them where they are.

As there were no signs in the village showing the way to the reserve and car park it was thought it may be appropriate to erect a sign by the village green. This would be raised with the parish council.

Future plans for Nature Reserve - there are plans, subject to planning permission, for re-wetting the east field to create a wetland mosaic adjacent to the existing lake to encourage wetland plant communities and their associated bird, insect and mammal species. The plan would involve removing top soil and digging out two ponds therefore large machinery would be used and it was agreed this machinery would enter the site at the start of the work,which was scheduled to take two weeks, and leave at the end to minimise disruption.

It was hoped to encourage local schoolchildren with a wildflower seed collection, sowing and replanting project.

The next meeting will be in the village hall on Tuesday, October 29 at 7pm.