Starbeck rumpus over fun fair's arrival

The first thing many residents in Starbeck knew about it was when the lorries started rolling down its main street on Monday morning.

Tuesday, 5th September 2017, 3:52 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:02 pm
The lorries arrive at Starbeck High Street on Monday morning. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)

Starbeck Gala may be no more but for three days this weekend there will be an event called Starbeck Gala Fun Fair.

Hence the giant trucks blocking traffic on Starbeck High Street and the hub hub of major pieces of equipment on the green fields of this normally peaceful park next to Starbeck Library.

Members of Starbeck Residents Association were quick to sound the alarm via social media.

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Starbeck High Street (temporarily) blocked by fair lorries on Monday morning. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)

Their concerns?

A lack of consultation, they claim.

The size and location of the event.

The name clash with the former genuine Starbeck Gala.

Starbeck High Street (temporarily) blocked by fair lorries on Monday morning. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)

Starbeck resident Stuart Rhodes said: "How come the residents of Starbeck knew nothing about it in advance? I would most definitely object to such an event as this on our small family-used park..

"The impact on the local residential community has the potential to detrimental with increased traffic and parking, noise and litter.

"There is also a potential for increased antisocial behaviour. It is also misleading for it to be using the title Starbeck Gala in its title when it has no links to the Starbeck Gala."

But many residents will welcome the arrival of the fun fair, which runs from Thursday to Saturday and will undoubtedly enjoy the rides.

And a centre of calm amid the minor storm is Starbeck's anglican vicar.

The Rev Phil Carman, vicar of St Andrew’s Church located next to Belmont Field, said: "I have spoken with Harrogate Borough Council and Rapture Events who are putting on the Fun Fair.

"Rapture Events would like to give a donation to the community and would like to work with the community in the future so that Starbeck can have a gala in the coming years.

"The old Starbeck Gala is now disbanded so I am looking into the possibility of having any donation going into the Starbeck Community Fund.

"It is unfortunate that communication has not been better but let’s hope that the different groups can work together to see something positive in the community."