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The Flower Train arriving at Platform One: History is repeating itself tomorrow on Friday, June 14 the 12.45pm train from York will be delivering the flowers for Starbeck Station for the first time in 40 years! Poppleton Nurseries near York were the suppliers for all the East Coast stations until the nurseries owned by British Rail closed. Now Poppleton nurseries are a community and charitable organisation and Starbeck in Bloom are purchasing bedding plants from them to fill our new barrels on the platforms. We are travelling to York by train to collect them and arriving back at Starbeck at 12.45pm, come along and greet us, it would be good to be met by well wishers! We will then plant up the station ready for summer. Northern Rail are supporting our efforts and the station manager Dave Norton will be travelling with us to ensure that we hop on and off very quickly and don’t delay the train! Historically the nurseries supplied all the East Coast line and also decorated the stations for royal visits and supplied the red carpets. I’m afraid we wont have the red carpet out but it should still be fun.

Love Starbeck: this saturday is Love Starbeck day when lots of volunteers from St Andrew’s and the community will give a day of service to Starbeck. Lots of jobs will be undertaken all to make Starbeck look good and to help those unable to do tasks alone. In the past few years it has been well supported with up to 50 helpers, organised well by Steve Amos for St Andrew’s and our MP Andrew Jones always comes to lend a hand. You will see blue T-shirts with the red Starbeck heart on the front being worn by the volunteers running all around Starbeck - lets hope for a fine day!

Springwater Bakery: Springwater school in Starbeck holds a bakery, where they serve cakes, scones, biscuits made by the students and serve tea and coffee every Friday morning from 10.30-11.30am. All proceeds go to class funds for this very special school. They would welcome your support.

Starbeck Library: the Friends of Starbeck Library are holding book sales once a month at their Saturday coffee mornings. The next ones are July 13 and August 10. All proceeds go into the Friends funds and are used to support the library. They have recently helped with plants for the little garden and soon there will be outdoor seating so you can sit outside and have a drink, enjoy the garden and read a book- thats if we do get any summer weather!

Safer Neighbourhood Police: there are open sessions at Starbeck Library where you can meet our neighbourhood police once a month. The next one is July 5 from 10am-1pm, then August 3 from 10am-noon. if you have any concerns or questions for our local police pop along and have a chat.

Starbeck Garden competition: the entry forms are now available at Hair Stop and the library for the annual garden competion. This year it will be judged on Friday, July 26 and Martin Fish, director of Harrogate Flower Shows and well-known garden writer and radio presenter will be judging. The categories cover all types of gardens and also businesses and communal gardens. They are Wildlife Friendly Garden - this can be large or just a corner, a Pond Large or Small, Best Hanging Basket or Tub, Champion Garden of any size and Best Newcomer’s Garden. The businesses have their own section as do communal gardens either private or public. It is free to enter and award evening is in October with trophies and certificates presented.