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Christine Stewart

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Arts and Crafts Fair: this Saturday, December 8 there is an Arts and Crafts fair at St Andrews Church at 10am to raise money to aid the Welcome Centre. There will be all kinds of gifts,cards,knitting and baking for sale so do try to visit and support this event. The building work has started on the new centre down the side of McColls but this wet weather won’t be helping the builders! When finished it will be a real asset to Starbeck. Refreshments will be served too so I hope it will be well supported.

Concert at Starbeck Methodist church: this Saturday, December 8 at 7.30pm An Acoustic Christmas Cafe Joseph Smith (a member at Starbeck church) and a group of friends who are studying music with him at Newcastle University will be providing a seasonal concert. The evening should provide a great start to the Christmas season. Everyone will be most welcome. Adults £6 Children £3 Family £15 admission tickets on the door.

Harrogate Volunteer Oscars: Starbeck was well represented again at the oscars held this year at Old Swan. Pat Roberts was nominated as a Community Volunteer for her services to our local and regional Beavers,Cubs and Scouting movement and Anne Hoole received a Highly Commended for her voluntary work with St Michaels Hospice. Both of these ladies volunteer for many other organisations -Pat at St Andrews Holiday at Home and Anne is frequently seen working in the gardens of the Methodist Church. There were so many at the oscars and you realise just how much our community relies on these volunteers - not one of them does ‘just one thing’ they are the backbone of the community. Well done to all who received their gold oscar!

Starbeck Library: hard to imagine that our library was under threat a little while ago-now it has been nominated as Library of the Month by North Yorkshire County Council! Library performance is monitored across the county to ensure there is continuous improvement and all branches are set targets in a number of key areas. The targets are for active users, active borrowers, visits, book issues, income and bookstarters. Starbeck Library has been awarded Library of the Month for ‘excellent performance in meeting and exceeding all their local targets. This has been achieved by the enthusiasm and commitment of Deb, Ann and the team and undoubtedly due to the support of all partners.’ Praise indeed!

Carol singing: next Tuesday a group from St Andrews will visit Station View at 11am to start the Christmas season with carol singing for the residents. I hope they all enjoy it, I used to love hearing carol singers coming around the houses and I far prefer that to trick or treaters at Halloween that is so common nowadays! Do let me know if there are any more groups of singers this Christmas. Last week was the switch on of the Christmas Lights with carol singing under the tree. I am writing this before the event so I do hope the torrential rain doesn’t spoil the evening.

Community Carol Service: this year it is the turn of Methodist Church to host our community service. It is on Sunday, December 16 at 6pm so do go along and sing together. All the Christmas services to be held at all the Starbeck churches are printed on a joint card that is being delivered to every home in Starbeck. Just in case you don’t get one I will include it in the next column which will be in Advertiser on Thursday, December 20.

If you have any other events you would like publishing let me know before Tuesday, December 11. Telephone on 545024, email or pop through the door at 35 Millfield Glade.